Pain, Slim is Simple, And a 6 Pack Shortcut


As you know, the internet is full of stuff (some good….some bad!) .  You’re here because you’re probably more informed than most individuals when it comes to food, exercise, supplements etc.

I thought I’d highlight some things for you to read or watch this week……


Let’s talk about pain:

 Don’t feel right when training?

Find out HERE if you’re experiencing ‘good’ pain…..or ‘bad’ pain.


This video is spot on.

I have many times said that it’s not JUST calories that are making us fat……….it’s the sugar and chemicals that are in stuff that resembles food.

Don’t overcomplicate things with calories in from food, calories out via exercise, calories from fat, carbs, proteins ………….JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Something Funny

 Ever seen those videos on youtube where they promise you 6 pack abs and probably don’t even talk about food?

This video is quite similar…….

…in a fashion?!  (Click to watch!)

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