Challenges – The 2 Reasons Why They Are Important


How is your Lent challenge going?

If you can remember from last weeks blog post – my daily lent challenge is to do 50 pull ups  and 100 press ups.

I recorded day 1 – (Click the vid to view on YouTube)


Thursday I was as sore as can be – kind of like when someone has done bootcamp for the first time!

Soreness indicates something new being done – or hasn’t been done for a while.  Not being sore does not mean it was worthless. Remember that.


Days 2 and and 3 were hard, but getting easier each day (although it is tiring!).


Challenges are important because:

1. They make you re-evaluate something. – your strength, your fitness, your mental toughness.

2. They make you feel ALIVE.  When was the last time you felt ALIVE?  I

I just caught a youtube vid of ‘Michael Jordans 50 greatest plays’ (Click to see!) and remember what it was like to practise free throw upon free throw on my mam and dads drive. 

Can you remember practising something relentlessly that you got real good at it?

It could be anything.  

But it takes time.

It takes practice.

And it will be worth it to feel ALIVE again.

It will be worth it!


I am already glad I took on this challenge – and I am already thinking of the next one – but a more performance related one.

Like improving my clean and press, or deadlift……or a rower time, or running time etc.

I really think that the act of doing something daily changes you – and I ‘challenge’ you (see what I did there?!) to try to commit for a period of time that you think you can do.


Are you ready to feel ALIVE?!

Time to do it!



John Cammish