Hull Personal Trainer Throws Down The Lent Fitness Challenge!


Lent is here on Wednesday, and it’s usually a time for sacrifice.


Its about 6 weeks – and a great time to challenge yourself.  


There’s just something about challenges. 

You see someone knocking out pull ups like they re nothing, or you see someone rowing for what seems like 10 minutes at a decent pace, or you see someone skipping effortlessly……….you wanna see how you might stack up.


You see people leaner than you, and you ask yourself “I wonder what they eat and drink at home – is that what’s holding me back?”


Last year, Bootcamper Darren made up his own ‘gut-buster challenge‘.  You can read all about it by clicking on the picture below:


He trained daily, easy or hard (but made sure he did it) and………..


Without getting complicated – I want you to have a go at something from the following dates:

Wednesday 13th February – Saturday 30th March


Here is the simple part!  (The hardest bit will be doing your own challenge)

1. Do you want to lose fat? If so then pick a nutrition-related challenge to support your fat loss efforts.

2. Do you want to improve your shape? Then pick a gym related challenge.


Check out the table below to give you some ideas!


Goal Exercise / food Ideas Equipment Limitations
Lose fat No alcohol

No sweets

No chocolate

No takeaways

No sugary drinks








Don’t  consume!

Don’t  consume!

Don’t  consume!

Don’t  consume!

Don’t  consume!






Body shape / fitness Press ups






Pull ups / recline rows







10 / 25 / 50 / 100 a day

10 / 25 / 50 / 100 a day

10 / 25 / 50 / 100 a day


10 / 25 / 50 / 100 a day


10 / 25 / 50 / 100 a day



None (added weight if already strong)



Pull up bar

You can even do a fitness challenge (eg 2000m on a rowing machine everyday etc) It doesn’t have to be something from the list – but to get any benefit, it needs to be harder than something you do already.

It need to challenge you.

If you are really after it – pick one challenge from each category.  I would only do this though if you are confident you can have a good go at both of the challenges though.

If you’re in doubt, then make it a little easier.  Eg if you pick 50 press ups a day, and at the moment you can do 3 in one go………..then maybe pick 5 or 10 a day as a start.  Even though you think its making it too easy………bear in mind that about 6 weeks worth of press ups done daily without fail is tough.  Have a think about how long you can give to the challenge because some challenges will take longer than others.

My challenge!

Me?  I will be doing some usual strength training at normal levels or slightly less intensity and volumebut will be adding 100 press ups and 50 pull ups at the end of each session. I will train daily (I don’t usually), and if I am feeling tired I will just do the 100 press ups and 50 pull ups…..

….NOT in 1 set though!  😉


I want to hear your challenges!

If you are a FACEBOOK user, then CLICK HERE and comment on the YOUR NEXT LEVEL FITNESS FAN page, and tell me your challenge!

If you are not on Facebook – feel free to drop me an email me at – I will add it to everyones ideas.



Let your own challenge begin!