January is OVER! (Also Most Popular in 2012)

I have some NEWS for you.

January is over.


Yep that’s right – It’s February and It’s been 31 days of hard work, and you might have fallen away already – or still going strong.

Lets be real, that bunch of people that joined your gym 4-5 weeks ago and made it look crowded – many are gonna be there less than 3-4 times A MONTH

for the rest of the year.


What are you gonna do about it? Are you going to do the same?

Or are you pursuing a goal of your own and not saying “I haven’t got the time?

I firmly believe that if something like strength and health are important to you – you will find time….or you WILL MAKE TIME.  I don’t even think you need to find or make that much!

If you really cut away the less important exercises and hit one exercise really hard – you can be done in 5 minutes for fat loss.


I even had several people ring, text or facebook me about last weeks horizon episode about how 3 x 20 second bursts can have a big effect on several things.

It just so happened that I spoke about this a while back… (Click to read)


Training for Strength?

That might take a little longer (as you will need to warm up to your heavy weights, but you can still work up to a few sets of 3-5 reps in 10 mins. Do this most days on 1 big lift (bench press, squat, deadlift, shoulder press) and log your numbers.


Again, 10-20 minutes most days with press ups, pull ups and squats  and increase your numbers you will probably see a difference in a few weeks if your food is right.

Is 10 minutes optimal?

Probably not if you want to look amazing.

You will have to sacrifice some time-consuming things…..like Corrie, eastenders, the news,

…but you don’t have to miss it everyday.

Just enough that you see the results you want.

So this February – make some room, and keep going!


3 Most popular article / blog posts of 2012.


Tony, a big Hull KR Fan (Hey, nobody’s perfect!) got healthy in 2012 and in the process went from about 29 and a half stone to under 20 stone. A 10 stone loss is pretty impressive….especially when you realise he didn’t do a ‘Biggest loser-style 4 hours in the gym 6 days a week and count calories!

Some  sessions were an hour, some were a lot less. Some were a walk with his family or friends.

You can re-live his story Here (Part 1)

and here (part 2)


Becky went and lost about 5 stone from march to december – and totally changed her health, bodyshape and confidence.  I can remember her coming in for her first chat with me……but I can’t remember her weighing 17-18 stone?!  I can’t imagine her being that weight now – she has changed THAT much.

Check her story here


Beauty In The Eye of the Beholder?

This post generated the most interest on my facebook page here  (Scroll down to November 8th 2012 – interesting comments too.)

3 girls, and all beautiful



…………Feel free to click the pic and add your comment.



My Wedding and mexico blog!!

Yep, I was made an honest John Cammish on September 7th 2012.  Such a good day, and even managed to get Bootcamper Darryl to make a video of it all!


Click the pic to read the blog (and see a montage of our wedding).

If you’re getting married and need a videographer – drop me an email I will put you in touch.


 You Have Several Options To Lose Fat  <— what can I say?  This is probably the most in depth- blog/article I have written.


No wonder it had so many hits, because it literally spells things out for you if you want to change your body.

Click the pic to read the best post your will read this week (apart from this one??!!!)


2013 kicked off about a month ago and I’m seeing motivation in all bootcampers and clients – keeping this going is my aim and yes there will be times to sit back, relax, enjoy treats……but the goal needs to remain as the goal and we all want to be getting stronger and feeling better in ourselves 🙂

Small step every day – some will be tiny, some will be massive.

 Momentum is king – so use it!