Mum of 2 Becky Loses 5 Stone and Improves Fitness and Bodyshape!

Becky came to see me back in spring, as was probably a little intimidated to see lots of heavy dumbells, sleds, ropes and more over at Your Next Level Fitness gym. 

On a snowy day last year!

Since then, Becky has been plugging away to make a real difference – coming to bootcamp, and doing exercises at home.

 Here are her words!


I started coming to bootcamp in March 2012 after having my 2nd baby in January 2012. Before having my two children (one in 2010 and one in 2012) I had kept reasonably fit (or so I thought) attending classes and swimming at my local gym, however due to pregnancy related hip/pelvic pain my activity level dropped dramatically, in fact during my pregnancies just getting into and out of my car was painful, the weight I put on having my first baby didn’t disappear as quick as I hoped and within a year I was pregnant again!

Towards the end of my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with pregnancy related diabetes – this came as a real wake up call as having gestational diabetes can be a sign I could end up with diabetes in later life. So after my baby arrived I decided that I really needed to get back to a health lifestyle and this included exercise. I found about John’s bootcamp by looking on the internet for local exercise sessions.

I went to meet John before my first session and he gave me some exercises to be working on before my first bootcamp session, as well as lots of advice about improving my diet.

When I went along to my first session I was really nervous, I thought I would never keep up with everyone else and that I would look totally out of place. The thought of being outside put me off a bit at first (being a bit of a girly-girl), but it was so refreshing to be outdoors when I was indoors most of the time.

Everyone was really welcoming and friendly, the bootcamp session was hard work and I ached for the next few days, but I kept going and I soon started to see results.

Since March I have lost 5 stone, which is around 25% of my original weight, and a total of 36 inches which include 12 off my hips and 9 off my waist!

I have gone from tight fitting size 20 maternity clothes to finding that my pre-baby wardrobe is too big!  (Pics below march/december 2012)


Everyone at bootcamp has been so supportive, there’s a real community atmosphere and plenty of laughs at every session, everyone has different reasons for being at bootcamp and John keeps a track on everyone’s goals and how well they are doing and makes sure we are all challenged at every session.

I’d love to say that after 9 months of going to bootcamp it was easy – but it isn’t – I still ache most weeks, especially if a new exercise if included, or John encourages me to try the next level.

But the amount of effort I can put in is probably a million times more then it was in March.



As you can see, Becky has done what she set out to do – and even surpassed her first goal in October. She has another goal for April – and I’m positive if she puts the same level of work in, it will come before she knows it.