50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise : My Review (Part 1)

This show was on the other night and was quite ‘modern’ in its’ views.  It was refreshing to hear some stuff that usually doesn’t come out on TV – and some things that didn’t really resonate with me.

Here’s Part 1!


50 Contaminants in organic foods.

This one opened the show! Bugs, hairs, fly eggs. Not really a massive subject, I wouldn’t be surprised if people found bugs in their food on occasion….and mice contaminating food – as They are simply everywhere!  (I’m sure you knew this)   This is one of the many ‘padding’ statements they used!

49 Going for a workout in the gym can knacker your back.

Again – you probably know that bad technique can hurt your back!

What I would like to add to this, is that strength training is usually done in a controlled environment shouldn’t be a problem if you know what you’re doing.  Get technique advice from a competent instructor – keep your back straight or arched (NOT hunched)  Also, fast and jerking movements are likely to be done incorrectly………so I advise against things like fast crunches and kettlebell swings unless you are experienced at the exercise.


48 Should we eat bread?

Probably one people know about but don’t want to eat less of. Its’ one of the first foods I recommend reducing as part of a fat loss nutrition plan. This program highlighted some of the preservatives companies use, and also mentioned the current high salt content of bread.



Read more here —>  http://www.sciencealert.com.au/news/20102511-21628.html


47 Gym Germs!

People sweat. Hopefully you know that!  Hopefully you’re at a gym with considerate members – enough said!

Have a towel (this show recommended having 2!)  and be considerate.


46 Don’t go too Bananas!

The show mentioned that Banana’s have a lot of Potassium, and could cause hyperkalemia. This tip I think was a bit of padding – as really most people could do to eat the odd piece of fruit instead of chocolates, sweets and crips……but a valid point if you were planning on having 20 odd bananas or something. Bit weird!


45 Joggers Nipple 

I would think most of those who run would experience this. I used to when I was a cross country runner years ago – I don’t miss it!

44 Germs in office cups etc

All right we get it! Wash your hands! So far this programme seems a little obsessed with germs!

43 Bottled water

Bottled water being more expensive. I myself mainly use tap water – but I do think bottled water can be of  higher quality.  I will maybe buy bottled water if I am driving and get petrol or something – I don’t tend to buy it in especially.  If I noticed a big difference in how I feel when drinking bottled water – I would continue to use it….but I didn’t  – so I don’t!

I do think that people should drink more of both – especially in morning when they wake up.

42 Interval training

Get fit in 3 minutes per week!

I have been preaching about the benefits and time efficiency of interval training for years – and it’s been coming into the mainstream media recently thanks to programmes like Horizon. While I think 3 minutes a week might be a bit low – I think it really depends on the person.

Beginners and those with heart problems, on medications etc probably shouldn’t be doing high intensity interval training – not full throttle anyway.

It really does have a host of benefits…..just check around the rest of  this www.yournextlevelfitness.co.uk site and you can see why. Maybe start here? —>BOOTCAMP


So yes High intensity training I agree with – but it’s not for everyone!

41 Massage can be dangerous

I don’t know too much about massage (why I didn’t get into it) but I can definitely see where people could be hurt. Especially if you have pre-existing back or hip problems etc.


40 – Milk has paint stripper chemicals to make it white

I myself don’t have a lot of milk – I think I am slightly lactose intolerant. However, I think the main thing is to try an elimination diet and avoid milk for a while and monitor how you feel.  For some it will be really hard to cut out – and do you really need to?  I have milk in tea but have had black coffee for a while now and actually prefer it black.

You can read the full story HERE

More and more chemicals in foods these days, when is it to stop?


Much like number 49………there is a limit to what you should do.  Small regular improvements beats the ‘massive breakthrough’  (that often is a result of many many smaller steps)

Get a little uncomfortable, a little more out of breath, a little more strain……….you”ll know what too much is after several sessions 🙂


38 Missing breakfast makes you fat!

This is one that is hardly a fact. More and more is coming out about intermittent fasting being a great way to reduce body fat levels – but again, breakfast can help you too!

  READ THIS NOW  <—-  I wrote about fasting a while back.

Bottom line:  For some, breakfast will keep people from snacking on junk. And for others, it will make them more hungry – and should maybe try intermittent fasting to see……you don’t know until you try!

Yeah, you will be hungry the first time!!!! …..

One thing I would defo advise, MAKE SURE YOU PLAN TO FAST.

Random missing meals here and there is not the best plan in my opinion.  That’s like having NO PLAN AT ALL!

37 – Laxitives for weight loss

What can I say – this is just a bad idea unless constipated….and fibre might be a better first bet.

36 – Personal trainers in modeling and porn!

Haha! What can I say?  I’m still 29 so you never know!

I thought I recognised that face(!) from somewhere!  🙂


35 – Cereals

Much like bread – I often urge clients to cut these out early.  These are just loaded with sugar.  Great stuff to hear it on the box for once instead of “Hey, eat some low fat ceareal instead of that artery clogging eggs!”

34 – Itchy crotch?

Can’t comment on this one!  What better way to make sure you take your showers and have clean underwear!

33 – Vitamins

The show highlighted that people think they are ‘magic pills’ – I think they are a must of you don’t eat a lot of veggies everyday. Think of them as an insurance policy!

Wisely, the show pointed out that Vit A can be toxic as it stays in the body (as its fat soluble). Also,  I would pay attention to iron content (men don’t need it and women do).

Watch out for part 2 soon!