50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise : My Review (Part 2)


This is a 3-part-er, reviewing the show that was 50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise.

If you missed Part 1 , then you really need to click here first


32 – barefoot running

“Trainers have too high a heel and it’s better to run barefoot.”

Hmmm.  I do have some Nike free’s and they are sooooooooo comfy!  I don’t do much running myself except sprints and if I play some 5 aside.

Some points I made:

You shouldn’t be running if really overweight anyway.

Correct, you cant rush into bare foot running.

Why not just get a better trainer? It’s freakin’ cold outside!!!


….And maybe ditch long distance running in favour of weights if you are after faster fat loss.

31 – alcohol

“Having a few is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body”

Hmmmm.  I would say that if you’re the type of person that has one and then needs another 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more – then NO! It’s probably not the best thing.

A glass of red wine now and then, but If looking for fat loss, then less is more!


30 – Bigorrexia!


Some lads just want to get bigger and bigger……as they see themselves as ‘still small.’

I think the media has a lot to do with this – and much like women wanting to be skinnier and skinnier – photoshopping models needs to stop.  Before this gets outlawed – issues like these are not going to get better.

For more on the photo altering – check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUb5PZHcovA


29 – Artificial sweeteners make you fat

I have talked about calories vs no calories at length in this article =  http://www.yournextlevelfitness.co.uk/?p=621  (sign up for free if you can’t view it)

They make you hungry and the programme advised against them

I agree!  I don’t like the taste anyway.

28 – Gyms are a place to meet the opposite sex


While I wouldn’t recommend just joining a gym to meet mr or mrs right!


Train hard, do what you came to do.  Then, who knows……someone may be watching……but chances are…..they’re not.

27 –  Don’t overeat because you’ve earned it!

While its true that insulin sensitivity is improved after intense exercise – treats such as latte’s, buns, etc (That are often served just outside the gym!) should still be minimized completely.

If wanting your starchy carbs, focus on real food like sweet potato over sugar highs.

26 – Running makes your bowels loose

I can’t really comment on this – I didn’t usually get it before cross country runs (I went before!!) .

But the less said, the better I think on this one – leave it to your imagination.


25 – Sweeteners are bad for you

Again, seen in number 29. More padding for the show!


24 – Men trying to outdo each other!

I think is more common than you think.  It can be dangerous and you are not competing against anyone else – you are just trying to better YOURSELF!


Drop the ego, and work up to your weights sensibly.


23 Trans fats

This has been done time and time again.  Is margarine even sold anymore?!  I haven’t seen it, but yet I haven’t been looking out for it/

Butter is my main fat for cooking and has been for years.  Natural Fats are often not the enemy!  Fat from lean meat sources, eggs, nuts, olives, avocadoes are all great choices.

A good point was that even animals wont eat margarine.  What does that tell you!


22 – Diet pills!

I learned about this in A- Level Biology.  UNCONTROLLED ANAL LEAKAGE!  

If you use something that blocks fat absorption but you continue to eat a lot of fat – then it will go straight through you.  I do remember my A-level tutor talking about pringles containing the said ‘fat reducer’.  I’m not sure if they have changed or not – but either way – best not to eat them anyway!


The program also mentioned fat burner pills – I’ve never used them, and don’t recommend them. I know people who have felt so sick and not been able to sleep at night.

No thanks – I love my sleep!

21 – Healthy option meals 

Haha these must taste terrible!  Small portion, low fat, high salt meals in a microwave.

A good tip mentioned was to look at the ingredients of peanut butter. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient – maybe you shouldn’t be eating it.

This is a good rule of thumb for a lot of foods.


20 – Weight bad for backs (and other things)

Mentioned at number 49 (Last weeks article in part 1).

This number 20 highlighted prolapse.

Again, it’s simple. Try to improve in small steps and you won’t be at risk.


19 – Fat is good!

I agree!!  Every cell in your body has a fatty membranous bi-layer. It’s whats responsible for letting stuff into and out of cells.  The show talked about nerve transmissions down the spine.

What I didn’t agree with was the saturated fat comments.  Balance is key – we need to have about 1 third saturated fat, 1  third monounsaturated fats, and 1 third polyunstaurated fats.

One woman in another number said eggs were great – and then they get a bashing here……decide what you actually want to say !! (People will be confused!!!)

18 Some Personal trainers are dangerous!

This is true, there are people who are dangerous. They push people too far, and don’t know what they are doing.  They probably saw a personal trainer shouting at a client and thought

” Hey I can do that for an hour!”   Either ask for their qualification or insurance……..sometimes asking around for advice from other people can help (Advice like this)


17 Sludge

Where does our waste go?

Could it go back into our food? Likely. I think a lot more needs to be done environment-wise. Recycling is much better than it was, but we are probably only just scratching the surface on what we can do.


That’s it for now until the final installment 😉




PS Did you see the blog post on Tuesday where Becky has lost 5 stone? (as of now!)