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Here are some of the things I either:

  1. Use with my Clients

  2. Recommended to my clients

  3. Have read!


….All to get them the best results in the area.

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1. First = look around the blog posts on this very site!  There’s oodles of info on how to get leaner, get stronger and get fitter.


ynlf2 border50 percent

2. Precision Nutrition

I am within the handful of the few Precision Nutrition coaches in Yorkshire. Their site has inspired me and thousands of others to change their lives.  They are not a quick-fix solution…..and neither am I.  Their site mirrors what I am trying to do with people in and around Hessle, Hull, Anlaby, Kirkella, Swanland etc with my Bootcamps and personal training sessions.

precision nutrition2



Ideally, If you train at home, and want to be really strong = you are going to want a power rack.

For(!) Chin ups, squats, bench press, Barbell rows, Deadlifts or rack pulls.  Power racks make everything SAFE…….and safe for you to push yourself.

One like this.

power rack bodycraft


Without a power rack, you are limiting your squat as most peoples can squat 1 to 5 times as much as they can get over their head!

Cammish’s Tip:  While Power racks are expensive……if you are serious about training and aren’t at a gym – they are invaluable if you get a good one!

Also, Even though a power rack may cost £279.99 (Click to see the cheaper one) or about £500 (click to see this £498.99 rack) ……..a gym membership can cost £500-£600 a year!

In my eyes, if you have the room, a power rack and weights are a must for the serious trainee. 

Cammish’s Tip: Get one that you can do pull ups on……when you are lean and strong enough to do them- you will be glad you did!  



You’ll need some weights for that rack.

Even if you don’t use a power rack – You can get a ton of stuff done with just a bar and some challenging weights.

I use mainly cast iron plates – like these:

marcy weights


Want 100kg? Click here

Want 140kg Click here 

Doing some Olympic lifting and need rubber plates? For example if you are dropping them on the ground.  CLICK HERE and buy 2 of these to go wwith your cast iron weights.

Cammish’s Tip: Even if you don’t get a power rack, You can get seriously strong just deadlifting, shoulder pressing and barbell rowing.  If you are a particularly strong man – you may need more than 140kg for deadlifts eventually though.


Suspension equipment

These are great if you:

A) Don’t have much space,

B) Get bored with ‘traditional’ weight training

C) Want to be lean and athletic and only want to buy something small.

The TRX is the number one on the market


You can do press up variations, pull up variations, work your abs, you name it.

You can check it out further by CLICKING HERE

Cammish’s Tip:  The original (and probably highest quality) suspension trainer on the market. However, it is pricey.  If you are fairly heavy – you might want to rely on this rather than a cheaper one just in case.


RIP 60

The RIP 60 is cheaper and similar quality:



Find out about the rip 60 trainer by CLICKING HERE

Cammish’s Tip: I have not seen it in person to judge against the TRX.  I would say if you are fairly fit and not too heavy…….this may save you some pennies.


You want to get lean.  You can get outside….or you can do one of our Bootcamps (which use mostly weights and some cardio)

Or you can do your cardio at home with the Concept 2 Rower

There really is no better rowing machine out there.  One client years ago bought a cheap one……and in the end, got a Concept 2 rower in the end.  They have been the best for maybe 2 decades?  They hold their value if you want to re-sell too……..

The Power Wheel!

ab wheel power wheel

The Ab Wheel is one of the few ‘abdominal-gadgets’ that is actually any good!

The power wheel above is the exact one we use at our Bootcamps.

Cammish’s Tip:  This is VERY STURDY. We have had men up to 18-20 stone do standing ab roll outs without any bother.  Again – you pay for the extra durability.


Cheaper Ab wheel

If you want an ab wheel   and want to spend less money….check out the one from 66fit.

ab wheel 66fit

Click here = 66fit ab wheel   to find out more.

Cammish’s Tip: A lot cheaper and smaller (if you need to store it or take it somewhere)  It doesn’t have attachements for feet, but you can do without them no problem.



What can I say about FAT GRIPZ?


If you are a man – they will make your biceps feel like never before!  They are a favourite of many of my clients and the rugby team.

 Get them HERE


If you have big hands (or just really want to challenge your grip) check out the FAT GRIPZ EXTREME (2.75 inch vs the regular 2 inch FAT GRIPZ)

fatgripz extreme

Cammish’s Tip: Let’s face facts.  Us men like training some arms – and these do just that.   If in Doubt – the regular FAT GRIPZ will do the job 😉

Speaking of grips….

grips heavy

These grippers are ideal – and can be used anywhere because they’re that small and transportable.

Cammish’s Tip: Done after an upper body session using the FAT GRIPZ – 3 words . . . . . . . . .. . Biceps and Forearms .


More forearm work….

wrist roller


GO HERE to instantly get a forearm finisher!


We all would like a massage every now and then. Especially if you train hard and frequently.

Here comes the Rumble Roller!

rumble roller blue


CLICK HERE to find out more (and save on massages!) 

Cammish’s Tip: Excellent. Painful at first….but excellent for long term health of your muscle tissue.


Less expensive than the standard roller…. the mini version:

rumble roller mini

Find out more = mini rumble roller 

Cammish’s Tip: I haven’t got the mini version, but if I had a job where I would travel a lot (think hotels etc) – this would be top of my birthday or Xmas wish list!

There is another brand also with ‘teeth’ – but I haven’t tried this one —->  Physioroom roller


Low budget foam roller

Want the cheapest massage? A standard foam roller is better than nothing. (CLICK)

foam roller 66fit


Cammish’s Tip: I have found these to wear out more than the rumble roller – but it depends on how much you use it and how bad your posture is.


 You need to time your Rest periods!

A stopwatch on your phone is fine….but what about if you want to know how many sets you have left?

This interval timer  is a great investment.


Cammish’s Tip: Excellent and saves you from clock-watching.


While I am not really big on supplements, I find most clients generally miss out on protein…….so a simple protein shake like this is something I would use and recommend:

Click the pic…..

phd diet whey

Any other micronutrient deficiencies could be an issue but a Whey protein is usually a guaranteed “PLUS” if you can tolerate milk.


Are you good with your hands DIY style and want to build your own equipment? If so, Ross Enamit has an excellent page dedicated to building your own Homemade Equipment

ross enamit


Cammish’s Tip:  If you can make some of your own equipment – you will save bigtime.  Check the rest of his site as it has a ton of training info!




Scrawny to Brawny Book   or on kindle

scrawny to brawny book


Cammish’s Tip: Learn how to put muscle on and get stronger by sticking to the basics and doing them well 🙂


Dan john Never let go     and on kindle

dan john never let go

Cammish’s Tip: If you are into lifting weights, do deadlifts, squats, cleans farmer walks……you will love this book and his philosophical views.


Nutrition and Health?

jonny bowden 150 healthy foods

Find out more = Jonny bowden.   This book is like a library book.

Cammish’s Tip:  Want to know if something is good for you? Jonny Bowden tells all (and it’s not about calories in and calories out!!)   Get healthy and read this book.

If you want a more ‘all-round’ health book – with some tests to do, pictures of poo(!) and a load more……

Get Paul Chek’s “How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy”

paul chek how to eat move and be healthy


Cammish’s Tip – This was one of the first books I ever got…….and before you even look at calories, protein, fat etc – this book is well worth the 10-15 quid to learn about:

  • Why you should buy high-quality food
  • Recovery is important – not just about about cramming as much training in as possible
  • Digestion, sleep, stress – and just so much more!


CLICK HERE to investigate…..



They say a bad work man blames his tools.

Do you have all the tools you need to get to work?


Have a think, pick the right tools for the job….and GET TO IT! 😉