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Weight Watchers – Watch Your Weight Drop and Rebound?


Did This week start with a bang or what?

Tuesday Morning I wake up to BBC news ‘uncovering all’ about High Intensity Training (HIT Training) and then I thought to myself “Phew, I’m glad I have been doing this kind of thing for the past 7 or 8 years!!!


High intensity training is simply the most time-efficient way to burn fat – and we do it in a group at bootcamp to push each other to keep the work rate high ūüôā


Also, I got wind of a few discussions on Facebook about the TV programme:

Weight Watchers: How They Make Their Millions (Click to watch!)



I thought I would drop my verdict and Weight Watchers, and why it’s NOT something I recommend.

1. Low calorie doesn’t mean healthy.

I touched upon this years ago in my popular article “The Calorie Conundrum “¬†(Click to read if you have free membership). If you are not a member yet – go here:

Is it more unhealthy to consume 400 calories from wild salmon, broccoli and other veggies……..or have 300 calories from chocolates and sweets? ¬†

I think that statement alone makes you wonder how it’s gotten so messy.


2. While Low calorie diets will usually result in lost weight – it usually comes back……..and then some more.¬†


3. As dispatches pointed out – it’s all about marketing, and highlighted the fact that leaders of these groups get a slice of the profits from books, and scales and products being sold at meetings.

Do these leaders use these products?

Do these leaders even look how you want to look?

Sometimes you need to see if they practice what they preach



4. Dispatches highlighted the chemicals that low calorie foods contain (not just weight watchers).

Would you like to pay more of your hard-earned cash for some weird chemicals that are meant to taste ‘like flavour’??!

5. While groups make it easier to lose weight together (partly why my bootcamp has been so successful) РI have heard that these groups simply weigh you Рand then everyone chats about what they have done that week Рbut its very hard to pin down why weight was lost.  

This is because it is not an exact science and a flawed system!

You could weigh less, or more, from….

…going to toilet / not going to toilet

…eating less salt / eating a bit more salt

…drinking a glass of water just before weighing

..stress / sleep /

It really is silly to look at half a lb here or there as water is really heavy!!! ¬†Take a photo – don’t jump on the scales!



The biggest reason I don’t recommend Weight watchers – or counting calories, or being worried about the weight on the scale so much…………

Weight is weight!

Muscle and fat are not the same!

Let me put this into perspective.

Say male athlete A has a BMI of about 25.    (He is quite lean at 10-12%)

If said athlete puts on 2 stone in 12 months………(and their BMI goes to 29…….are they now fat?¬†


Answer?  Not necessarily!

They could well have the same percentage of fat (10-12%) and they have gained 2 stone of muscle (and would therefore likely be a lot stronger.)


They could have gained 2 stone of body fat, and they would likely be weaker (relative to their bodyweight) and less able to do aerobic tasks too.

It would likely be a mix of the two – you get my drift.


Another one- but here is a picture to illustrate this time.  Same guy, but who is heavier?


Believe it or not…the ripped version is 2kg HEAVIER.


Take home message?


Muscle is muscle.  Fat is Fat.

Do not confuse the two.


(If you lose or gain half a stone or more…… probably know just by looking if its good or bad weight!) ¬† ¬† ūüėČ



50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise : My Review (Part 3)

In case you haven’t heard – people have been mentioning it to me even 3 weeks after it went on air! ¬†This TV programme called¬†50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise

In case you missed the other 2 posts…

part 1

part 2 


We come in at number 16….

16 Many people don’t finish marathons

This is unfortunately very true.

Marathons, while the achievement level is very high……I wouldn’t recommend them regularly unless you are really serious about your training. I would say 6 months is about right to start preparing – but increasing your mileage is something you need to get used to…….while at the same time trying to avoid niggles that come with excessive volume.


Start with a logical progression….fun run…5 k…10k….half marathon…full marathon. ¬†However, even then you are still not exempt from the risk of all that stress in one go.

15 Veg doesn’yt have as many nutrients in it

This has been documented HERE.

The quality of the veg is from the quality of the soil. This is where organic produce may have a massive upside against the cheaper commercial veg. I recommend a multi vitamin if you don’t get a lot of veggies – and this probably goes even more so now that it did years ago!

If you have some time on your hands check this TED Youtube talk out. 

Aswell, any veg is better than no veg!


14 Pushing too hard in the gym can cause infertility

True, ¬†As a woman if your body fat is too low this can happen. It’s probably less likely about the gym and It’s more likely more prevalent in those severely restricting their food intake or in people suffering from eating disorders.

Most people could do to eat a little less and do a bit more movement…..going off the current obesity trend.


 13 Marketing of sports drinks 

Yes, most of us probably don’t need sports drinks.

Training for 90 mins and you’re afraid of going underweight? ¬†Then yes. ¬†Most of us aren’t in that situation. ¬†They are useful if you are doing 90 minutes+ training per session multiple times per week…..and may help if you need to get some sugar in between sessions and can’t stomach a solid meal.

I do think they don’t have enough protein (most have none)….so a yoghurt or a protein shake with some other sugars may be a good choice for some depending on the sport, time demands etc.

Stick with water if you’re not competing and want to lose fat.

12 too much fruit and veg is bad for you

Fruit and veg do have calories too.

Again, I hardly think this is the problem we are facing today. ¬†I would say if you can several cups of vegetables, a load of quality protein and some good fats in the form of nuts and olive oil – you shouldn’t crave cookies and biscuits (a real cause of obesity)


Anyway, if you aren’t eating veggies, protein and good fats – what are you gonna eat?


 11 muscle tears

Unfortunately with the benefits of exercise comes the risk of injury.

Make sure you’re warmed up and perform some dynamic movements for the shoulder and hip joints in particular.

Make sure you use some warm up sets, especially on your first exercise.


10 Salad bags contain chlorine

Wash your salad before eating!


9 Abs! 

To get a 6-pack (or any definition anywhere on your body ) is to lose the fat on top…….and so crunches alone won’t work.


8 Hollywood stars starve themselves

Ok ok!

So last time I was out and about with my man Brad Pitt from fight club…….we just talked about how to drop weight as soon as possible – like it’s hot.

He said his ‘go-to’ diet for getting ripped is to eat pink soap.

Yeah……….. pink soap.


Don’t go eating pink soap – because I was just kidding.

The programme rightly pointed out that actors and actresses have chefs, trainers, and a boatload of time to get into the shape/role they need to. Plus several hundred thousands of dollars…..and more.


7 running is bad for your knees!

Thank you! ¬†I’ve gone on and on about this for like 10 years.

 Even HERE wrote about army bootcamps their non stop running

They also said it will age you more? ¬†I did hear a client once say ‘it ages your face more’ but I can’t back any research for that (although could well be true!)


6 Exercise is good for bowels

They talked about flatulence and increased bowel movements.

They even showed some crazy naked yoga class?

Bit weird?!

This is the maximum clothes any man needs for any class!


5 shiny manchines are useless

AMEN!  I think I nodded my head a few times when this came on.  Machines look great (come on Рhave you seen the rocky 4 montage with tons of lights and stuff? I was about 7 when I saw it and was like WOW!!!!)


It highlighted vibration plates. I talked about them ages ago and don’t rate them.

You need some resistance – be it bodyweight, or external weight…and try to progress. ¬†If someone is touting vibrating plates – it was probably the press ups and lunges you were doing on them – NOT the vibrations that ‘shake your fat off’ or whatever they say they do.


The only thing good about this picture is that she’s in underwear

 4 Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Fasting has shown i several rodent studies to help you live longer.  I touched upon this in more detail HERE.  I think more research will come out about fasting.  I do think that eating less than 1000kcals daily is not a good idea.  Refining your eating window to 8-10 hours could benefit many though.

I think the main point is if muscle is lost or not. ¬†I’ll say it again…..Weight loss is not fat loss!

We shall see as we watch this space!

3 Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga is run for exactly 90 minutes and consists of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.¬†¬†Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105¬įF (‚Čą 40.6¬įC) with a humidity of 40%,¬†and is the most popular form of¬†hot yoga¬†(a series of yoga poses done in a heated room). ¬†¬†(wikipedia)

The show highlighted that bugs can manifest and people get ill.  My thoughts?  To me it sounds like a nightmare.

Why not just grab a hot bath or sauna AFTER exercise?!


2 ¬†Don’t believe the media!

Awareness is good.  Too much awareness? Is that good?

It is annoying that sensationalist headlines come out with ” food X is great for you” – eat it every day! ¬†Then the next month same food X will “rot your insides!” ¬†We have seen this for many foods including eggs, coffee, meat, vitamins and more. Even water!


Bottom line? Papers need to sell. ¬†Do some research, and if it’s too good (or too bad!) to be true…..IT PROBABLY IS!


Cammish just gets asked if the shakeweight works!

The Number one slot goes to…..!

1 Fad diets don’t work

You have heard them all.

Cambridge, F-plan, south beach, maple syrup, dukan, high fat, low fat, no fat, GI, cotton wool diet……!

Surely we know by now that something significant (worth having) takes time, takes effort, and takes a well-thought-out plan.


Recently, Becky lost 5 stone (you can see the transformation here)…….and it was hard work for a few hours a week, and stick to the food principles of real food, manage your blood sugar and look at the long game.



I really hope you enjoyed this series as it took a while to write!



Mum of 2 Becky Loses 5 Stone and Improves Fitness and Bodyshape!

Becky came to see me back in spring, as was probably a little intimidated to see lots of heavy dumbells, sleds, ropes and more over at Your Next Level Fitness gym. 

On a snowy day last year!

Since then, Becky has been plugging away to make a real difference – coming to bootcamp, and doing exercises at home.

 Here are her words!


I started coming to bootcamp in March 2012 after having my 2nd baby in January 2012. Before having my two children (one in 2010 and one in 2012) I had kept reasonably fit (or so I thought) attending classes and swimming at my local gym, however due to pregnancy related hip/pelvic pain my activity level dropped dramatically, in fact during my pregnancies just getting into and out of my car was painful, the weight I put on having my first baby didn’t disappear as quick as I hoped and within a year I was pregnant again!

Towards the end of my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with pregnancy related diabetes ‚Äď this came as a real wake up call as having gestational diabetes can be a sign I could end up with diabetes in later life. So after my baby arrived I decided that I really needed to get back to a health lifestyle and this included exercise. I found about John‚Äôs bootcamp by looking on the internet for local exercise sessions.

I went to meet John before my first session and he gave me some exercises to be working on before my first bootcamp session, as well as lots of advice about improving my diet.

When I went along to my first session I was really nervous, I thought I would never keep up with everyone else and that I would look totally out of place. The thought of being outside put me off a bit at first (being a bit of a girly-girl), but it was so refreshing to be outdoors when I was indoors most of the time.

Everyone was really welcoming and friendly, the bootcamp session was hard work and I ached for the next few days, but I kept going and I soon started to see results.

Since March I have lost 5 stone, which is around 25% of my original weight, and a total of 36 inches which include 12 off my hips and 9 off my waist!

I have gone from tight fitting size 20 maternity clothes to finding that my pre-baby wardrobe is too big!  (Pics below march/december 2012)


Everyone at bootcamp has been so supportive, there’s a real community atmosphere and plenty of laughs at every session, everyone has different reasons for being at bootcamp and John keeps a track on everyone’s goals and how well they are doing and makes sure we are all challenged at every session.

I‚Äôd love to say that after 9 months of going to bootcamp it was easy ‚Äď but it isn‚Äôt ‚Äď I still ache most weeks, especially if a new exercise if included, or John encourages me to try the next level.

But the amount of effort I can put in is probably a million times more then it was in March.



As you can see, Becky has done what she set out to do – and even surpassed her first goal in October. She has another goal for April – and I’m positive if she puts the same level of work in, it will come before she knows it.


50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise : My Review (Part 1)

This show was on the other night and was quite ‘modern’ in its’ views. ¬†It was refreshing to hear some stuff that usually doesn’t come out on TV – and some things that didn’t really resonate with me.

Here’s Part 1!


50 Contaminants in organic foods.

This one opened the show! Bugs, hairs, fly eggs. Not really a massive subject, I wouldn’t be surprised if people found bugs in their food on occasion….and mice contaminating food – as They are simply everywhere! ¬†(I’m sure you knew this) ¬† This is one of the many ‘padding’ statements they used!

49 Going for a workout in the gym can knacker your back.

Again – you probably know that bad technique can hurt your back!

What I would like to add to this, is that strength training is usually done in a controlled environment shouldn’t be a problem if you know what you’re doing. ¬†Get technique advice from a competent instructor – keep your back straight or arched (NOT hunched)¬† Also, fast and jerking movements are likely to be done incorrectly………so I advise against things like fast crunches and kettlebell swings unless you are experienced at the exercise.


48 Should we eat bread?

Probably one people know about but don’t want to eat less of. Its’ one of the first foods I recommend reducing as part of a fat loss nutrition plan. This program highlighted some of the preservatives companies use, and also mentioned the current high salt content of bread.



Read more here —> ¬†


47 Gym Germs!

People sweat. Hopefully you know that! ¬†Hopefully you’re at a gym with considerate members – enough said!

Have a towel (this show recommended having 2!)  and be considerate.


46 Don’t go too Bananas!

The show mentioned that Banana’s have a lot of Potassium, and could cause hyperkalemia. This tip I think was a bit of padding – as really most people could do to eat the odd piece of fruit instead of chocolates, sweets and crips……but a valid point if you were planning on having 20 odd bananas or something. Bit weird!


45 Joggers Nipple 

I would think most of those who run would experience this. I used to when I was a cross country runner years ago – I don’t miss it!

44 Germs in office cups etc

All right we get it! Wash your hands! So far this programme seems a little obsessed with germs!

43 Bottled water

Bottled water being more expensive. I myself mainly use tap water – but I do think bottled water can be of ¬†higher quality. ¬†I will maybe buy bottled water if I am driving and get petrol or something – I don’t tend to buy it in especially. ¬†If I noticed a big difference in how I feel when drinking bottled water – I would continue to use it….but I didn’t ¬†– so I don’t!

I do think that people should drink more of both – especially in morning when they wake up.

42 Interval training

Get fit in 3 minutes per week!

I have been preaching about the benefits and time efficiency of interval training for years – and it’s been coming into the mainstream media recently thanks to programmes like Horizon. While I think 3 minutes a week might be a bit low – I think it really depends on the person.

Beginners and those with heart problems, on medications etc probably shouldn’t be doing high intensity interval training – not full throttle anyway.

It really does have a host of benefits…..just check around the rest of ¬†this site and you can see why. Maybe start here? —>BOOTCAMP


So yes High intensity training I agree with – but it’s not for everyone!

41 Massage can be dangerous

I don’t know too much about massage (why I didn’t get into it) but I can definitely see where people could be hurt. Especially if you have pre-existing back or hip problems etc.


40 – Milk has paint stripper chemicals to make it white

I myself don’t have a lot of milk – I think I am slightly lactose intolerant. However, I think the main thing is to try an elimination diet and avoid milk for a while and monitor how you feel. ¬†For some it will be really hard to cut out – and do you really need to? ¬†I have milk in tea but have had black coffee for a while now and actually prefer it black.

You can read the full story HERE

More and more chemicals in foods these days, when is it to stop?


Much like number 49………there is a limit to what you should do. ¬†Small regular improvements beats the ‘massive breakthrough’ ¬†(that often is a result of many many smaller steps)

Get a little uncomfortable, a little more out of breath, a little more strain……….you”ll know what too much is after several sessions ūüôā


38 Missing breakfast makes you fat!

This is one that is hardly a fact. More and more is coming out about intermittent fasting being a great way to reduce body fat levels – but again, breakfast can help you too!

¬† READ THIS NOW¬†¬†<—- ¬†I wrote about fasting a while back.

Bottom line: ¬†For some, breakfast will keep people from snacking on junk. And for others, it will make them more hungry – and should maybe try intermittent fasting to see……you don’t know until you try!

Yeah, you will be hungry the first time!!!! …..

One thing I would defo advise, MAKE SURE YOU PLAN TO FAST.

Random missing meals here and there is not the best plan in my opinion. ¬†That’s like having NO PLAN AT ALL!

37 – Laxitives for weight loss

What can I say – this is just a bad idea unless constipated….and fibre might be a better first bet.

36 – Personal trainers in modeling and porn!

Haha! What can I say? ¬†I’m still 29 so you never know!

I thought I recognised that face(!) from somewhere! ¬†ūüôā


35 – Cereals

Much like bread – I often urge clients to cut these out early. ¬†These are just loaded with sugar. ¬†Great stuff to hear it on the box for once instead of “Hey, eat some low fat ceareal instead of that artery clogging eggs!”

34 – Itchy crotch?

Can’t comment on this one! ¬†What better way to make sure you take your showers and have clean underwear!

33 – Vitamins

The show highlighted that people think they are ‘magic pills’ – I think they are a must of you don’t eat a lot of veggies everyday. Think of them as an insurance policy!

Wisely, the show pointed out that Vit A can be toxic as it stays in the body (as its fat soluble). Also, ¬†I would pay attention to iron content (men don’t need it and women do).

Watch out for part 2 soon!





50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise : My Review (Part 2)


This is a 3-part-er, reviewing the show that was 50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise.

If you missed Part 1 , then you really need to click here first


32 – barefoot running

“Trainers have too high a heel and it’s better to run barefoot.”

Hmmm. ¬†I do have some Nike free’s and they are sooooooooo comfy! ¬†I don’t do much running myself except sprints and if I play some 5 aside.

Some points I made:

You shouldn’t be running if really overweight anyway.

Correct, you cant rush into bare foot running.

Why not just get a better trainer? It’s freakin’ cold outside!!!


….And maybe ditch long distance running in favour of weights if you are after faster fat loss.

31 – alcohol

“Having a few is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body”

Hmmmm. ¬†I would say that if you’re the type of person that has one and then needs another 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more – then NO! It’s probably not the best thing.

A glass of red wine now and then, but If looking for fat loss, then less is more!


30 – Bigorrexia!


Some lads just want to get bigger and bigger……as they see themselves as ‘still small.’

I think the media has a lot to do with this Рand much like women wanting to be skinnier and skinnier Рphotoshopping models needs to stop.  Before this gets outlawed Рissues like these are not going to get better.

For more on the photo altering Рcheck this


29 – Artificial sweeteners make you fat

I have talked about calories vs no calories at length in this article = ¬† ¬†(sign up for free if you can’t view it)

They make you hungry and the programme advised against them

I agree! ¬†I don’t like the taste anyway.

28 – Gyms are a place to meet the opposite sex


While I wouldn’t recommend just joining a gym to meet mr or mrs right!


Train hard, do what you came to do. ¬†Then, who knows……someone may be watching……but chances are…..they’re not.

27 – ¬†Don’t overeat because you’ve earned it!

While its true that insulin sensitivity is improved after intense exercise – treats such as latte’s, buns, etc (That are often served just outside the gym!) should still be minimized completely.

If wanting your starchy carbs, focus on real food like sweet potato over sugar highs.

26 – Running makes your bowels loose

I can’t really comment on this – I didn’t usually get it before cross country runs (I went before!!) .

But the less said, the better I think on this one – leave it to your imagination.


25 – Sweeteners are bad for you

Again, seen in number 29. More padding for the show!


24 – Men trying to outdo each other!

I think is more common than you think.  It can be dangerous and you are not competing against anyone else Рyou are just trying to better YOURSELF!


Drop the ego, and work up to your weights sensibly.


23 Trans fats

This has been done time and time again. ¬†Is margarine even sold anymore?! ¬†I haven’t seen it, but yet I haven’t been looking out for it/

Butter is my main fat for cooking and has been for years.  Natural Fats are often not the enemy!  Fat from lean meat sources, eggs, nuts, olives, avocadoes are all great choices.

A good point was that even animals wont eat margarine.  What does that tell you!


22 – Diet pills!

I learned about this in A- Level Biology.  UNCONTROLLED ANAL LEAKAGE!  

If you use something that blocks fat absorption but you continue to eat a lot of fat – then it will go straight through you. ¬†I do remember my A-level tutor talking about pringles containing the said ‘fat reducer’. ¬†I’m not sure if they have changed or not – but either way – best not to eat them anyway!


The program also mentioned fat burner pills – I’ve never used them, and don’t recommend them. I know people who have felt so sick and not been able to sleep at night.

No thanks – I love my sleep!

21 РHealthy option meals 

Haha these must taste terrible!  Small portion, low fat, high salt meals in a microwave.

A good tip mentioned was to look at the ingredients of peanut butter. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient – maybe you shouldn’t be eating it.

This is a good rule of thumb for a lot of foods.


20 – Weight bad for backs (and other things)

Mentioned at number 49 (Last weeks article in part 1).

This number 20 highlighted prolapse.

Again, it’s simple. Try to improve in small steps and you won’t be at risk.


19 – Fat is good!

I agree!! ¬†Every cell in your body has a fatty membranous bi-layer. It’s whats responsible for letting stuff into and out of cells. ¬†The show talked about nerve transmissions down the spine.

What I didn’t agree with was the saturated fat comments. ¬†Balance is key – we need to have about 1 third saturated fat, 1 ¬†third monounsaturated fats, and 1 third polyunstaurated fats.

One woman in another number said eggs were great – and then they get a bashing here……decide what you actually want to say !! (People will be confused!!!)

18 Some Personal trainers are dangerous!

This is true, there are people who are dangerous. They push people too far, and don’t know what they are doing. ¬†They probably saw a personal trainer shouting at a client and thought

” Hey I can do that for an hour!” ¬† Either ask for their qualification or insurance……..sometimes asking around for advice from other people can help (Advice like this)


17 Sludge

Where does our waste go?

Could it go back into our food? Likely. I think a lot more needs to be done environment-wise. Recycling is much better than it was, but we are probably only just scratching the surface on what we can do.


That’s it for now until the final installment ūüėČ




PS Did you see the blog post on Tuesday where Becky has lost 5 stone? (as of now!)

Recommended Reading and Resources

Here are some of the things I either:

  1. Use with my Clients

  2. Recommended to my clients

  3. Have read!


….All to get them the best results in the area.

(I recommend you ‘Bookmark’ this page now, and you can always come back to it later).



1. First = look around the blog posts on this very site! ¬†There’s oodles of info on how to get leaner, get stronger and get fitter.


ynlf2 border50 percent

2. Precision Nutrition

I am within the handful of the few Precision Nutrition coaches in Yorkshire. Their site has inspired me and thousands of others to change their lives. ¬†They are not a quick-fix solution…..and neither am I. ¬†Their site mirrors what I am trying to do with people in and around Hessle, Hull, Anlaby, Kirkella, Swanland etc with my Bootcamps and personal training sessions.

precision nutrition2



Ideally, If you train at home, and want to be really strong = you are going to want a power rack.

For(!) Chin ups, squats, bench press, Barbell rows, Deadlifts or rack pulls. ¬†Power racks make everything SAFE…….and safe for you to push yourself.

One like this.

power rack bodycraft


Without a power rack, you are limiting your squat as most peoples can squat 1 to 5 times as much as they can get over their head!

Cammish’s Tip: ¬†While Power racks are expensive……if you are serious about training and aren’t at a gym – they are invaluable if you get a good one!

Also, Even though a power rack may cost ¬£279.99 (Click to see the cheaper one)¬†or about¬†¬£500 (click to see this ¬£498.99 rack)¬†……..a gym membership can cost ¬£500-¬£600 a year!

In my eyes, if you have the room, a power rack and weights are a must for the serious trainee. 

Cammish’s Tip: Get one that you can do pull ups on……when you are lean and strong enough to do them- you will be glad you did! ¬†



You’ll need some weights for that rack.

Even if you don’t use a power rack – You can get a ton of stuff done with just a bar and some challenging weights.

I use mainly cast iron plates – like these:

marcy weights


Want 100kg? Click here

Want 140kg Click here 

Doing some Olympic lifting and need rubber plates? For example if you are dropping them on the ground.  CLICK HERE and buy 2 of these to go wwith your cast iron weights.

Cammish’s Tip: Even if you don’t get a power rack, You can get seriously strong just deadlifting, shoulder pressing and barbell rowing. ¬†If you are a particularly strong man – you may need more than 140kg for deadlifts eventually though.


Suspension equipment

These are great if you:

A) Don’t have much space,

B) Get bored with ‘traditional’ weight training

C) Want to be lean and athletic and only want to buy something small.

The TRX is the number one on the market


You can do press up variations, pull up variations, work your abs, you name it.

You can check it out further by CLICKING HERE

Cammish’s Tip: ¬†The original (and probably highest quality) suspension trainer on the market. However, it is pricey. ¬†If you are fairly heavy – you might want to rely on this rather than a cheaper one just in case.


RIP 60

The RIP 60 is cheaper and similar quality:



Find out about the rip 60 trainer by CLICKING HERE

Cammish’s Tip:¬†I have not seen it in person to judge against the TRX. ¬†I would say if you are fairly fit and not too heavy…….this may save you some pennies.


You want to get lean. ¬†You can get outside….or you can do one of our Bootcamps (which use mostly weights and some cardio)

Or you can do your cardio at home with the Concept 2 Rower

There really is no better rowing machine out there. ¬†One client years ago bought a cheap one……and in the end, got a Concept 2 rower in the end. ¬†They have been the best for maybe 2 decades? ¬†They hold their value if you want to re-sell too……..

The Power Wheel!

ab wheel power wheel

The Ab Wheel is one of the few ‘abdominal-gadgets’ that is actually any good!

The power wheel above is the exact one we use at our Bootcamps.

Cammish’s Tip: ¬†This is VERY STURDY. We have had men up to 18-20 stone do standing ab roll outs without any bother. ¬†Again – you pay for the extra durability.


Cheaper Ab wheel

If you want an ab wheel ¬†¬†and want to spend less money….check out the one from 66fit.

ab wheel 66fit

Click here = 66fit ab wheel   to find out more.

Cammish’s Tip: A¬†lot cheaper and smaller (if you need to store it or take it somewhere) ¬†It doesn’t have attachements for feet, but you can do without them no problem.



What can I say about FAT GRIPZ?


If you are a man Рthey will make your biceps feel like never before!  They are a favourite of many of my clients and the rugby team.

 Get them HERE


If you have big hands (or just really want to challenge your grip) check out the FAT GRIPZ EXTREME (2.75 inch vs the regular 2 inch FAT GRIPZ)

fatgripz extreme

Cammish’s Tip: Let’s face facts. ¬†Us men like training some arms – and these do just that. ¬† If in Doubt – the regular FAT GRIPZ will do the job ūüėČ

Speaking of grips….

grips heavy

These¬†grippers¬†are ideal – and can be used anywhere because they’re that small and transportable.

Cammish’s Tip: Done after an upper body session using the FAT GRIPZ – 3 words . . . . . . . . .. . Biceps and Forearms .


More forearm work….

wrist roller


GO HERE to instantly get a forearm finisher!


We all would like a massage every now and then. Especially if you train hard and frequently.

Here comes the Rumble Roller!

rumble roller blue


CLICK HERE to find out more (and save on massages!) 

Cammish’s Tip: Excellent. Painful at first….but excellent for long term health of your muscle tissue.


Less expensive than the standard roller…. the mini version:

rumble roller mini

Find out more = mini rumble roller 

Cammish’s Tip: I haven’t got the mini version, but if I had a job where I would travel a lot (think hotels etc) – this would be top of my birthday or Xmas wish list!

There is another brand also with ‘teeth’ – but I haven’t tried this one —-> ¬†Physioroom roller


Low budget foam roller

Want the cheapest massage? A standard foam roller is better than nothing. (CLICK)

foam roller 66fit


Cammish’s Tip: I have found these to wear out more than the rumble roller¬†– but it depends on how much you use it and how bad your posture is.


 You need to time your Rest periods!

A stopwatch on your phone is fine….but what about if you want to know how many sets you have left?

This interval timer  is a great investment.


Cammish’s Tip: Excellent and saves you from clock-watching.


While I am not really big on supplements, I find most clients generally miss out on protein…….so a simple protein shake like this is something I would use and recommend:

Click the pic…..

phd diet whey

Any other micronutrient deficiencies could be an issue but a Whey protein is usually a guaranteed “PLUS” if you can tolerate milk.


Are you good with your hands DIY style and want to build your own equipment? If so, Ross Enamit has an excellent page dedicated to building your own Homemade Equipment

ross enamit


Cammish’s Tip: ¬†If you can make some of your own equipment – you will save bigtime. ¬†Check the rest of his site as it has a ton of training info!




Scrawny to Brawny Book   or on kindle

scrawny to brawny book


Cammish’s Tip: Learn how to put muscle on and get stronger by sticking to the basics and doing them well ūüôā


Dan john Never let go     and on kindle

dan john never let go

Cammish’s Tip: If you are into lifting weights, do deadlifts, squats, cleans farmer walks……you will love this book and his philosophical views.


Nutrition and Health?

jonny bowden 150 healthy foods

Find out more = Jonny bowden.   This book is like a library book.

Cammish’s Tip: ¬†Want to know if something is good for you? Jonny Bowden tells all (and it’s not about calories in and calories out!!) ¬† Get healthy and read this book.

If you want a more ‘all-round’ health book – with some tests to do, pictures of poo(!) and a load more……

Get Paul Chek’s “How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy”

paul chek how to eat move and be healthy


Cammish’s Tip – This was one of the first books I ever got…….and before you even look at calories, protein, fat etc – this book is well worth the 10-15 quid to learn about:

  • Why you should buy high-quality food
  • Recovery is important – not just about about cramming as much training in as possible
  • Digestion, sleep, stress – and just so much more!


CLICK HERE to investigate…..



They say a bad work man blames his tools.

Do you have all the tools you need to get to work?


Have a think, pick the right tools for the job….and GET TO IT! ūüėČ