Lost Weight = Looking and Feeling Good! (Tony)

Tony has had somewhat of a REMARKABLE Year. He went from “always drinking, mindless eating Tony” to Loving life, Loving Bootcamp (!), and still loving a drink Tony.” (He has still been able to make great progress even when going out, as he sticks to the plan!)


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Since then, it has been harder but some things are even clearer than before.

Here are his words from just the other day….



” I just thought as the year comes to an end I would update you all on my weight loss journey, its been nearly six months since I posted my first article and Im sure you have all been on the edge of your seats wondering how things have gone :O)
I turned 40 in june and as you know I had reached the 21 stone bracket a target that John had set for me, as happy as I was with the weight loss I was more happy with other things my body shape was changing quickly, I was looking leaner and training hard and really enjoying it, so with this in mind I decided not to focus too much on my weight and focus more on eating healthily and to carry on enjoying exercise I knew if I did that I would carry on losing more weight, while bootcamp was my mainstay I started looking for other things to test myself I started going on longer walks something I want to do even more of next year, I also started doing some boxing training at the gym something else I really enjoyed not bad for a fella who 12 months ago was struggling going up the stairs!!!
Tony Enjoying himself on the Xmas Bootcamp night out!

So as we head towards the end of the year I am weighing in at 19stone 11 pounds ive lost 12″ from my waist and over eight from my chest, but above all that I feel great and looking forward to setting myself plenty of new challenges for next year .

Thanks for reading il give you a shout in six months x

As You can see – Tony has made a real difference to his life, and he’s on a bit of a mission. It took a lot of effort in the beginning, but was managed to stay strong even when it got tough, both training and his food/lifestyle.   He decided to make a difference…… will you?!
If you’re looking to make the kind of changes Tony has made – drop me an email here —-> john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk  (Click or Copy and Paste)
Great work Tone 🙂
UPDATE! Tony has just sent me a pic of his old trousers – and then with him and his boy in them!