5 Quick Ways for Successful Personal Trainer Shopping

You want to hire a Personal Trainer in Hull – after all, your friend says………..“ I had one and the fat came right off!”

A friend is trying to help you solve your problem.

You want to lose fat.

You don’t really know where to start – you just know THAT YOU HAVE TO START.

A personal trainer is one of the many options you have. You actually have quite a lot of options. (I will go through many next week!)

This short blog post will assume you’ve decided that hiring a personal trainer is what you have decided on, here we will outline what to look for, and what to look out for!


1. Trust and feeling comfortable

You simply need to feel comfortable talking to this person. They could be the best personal trainer in the world, with the right education, loads of experience, a body that you think is better than most peoples – but if you just……. don’t……. feel comfortable………..


My advice? ……..LEAVE!  You need to feel that you could go through your personal problems (no matter how personal ) and they can try to help you come up with a solution – and you don’t feel silly or anything negative.


2 . Education and Training

Look for some kind of education  (you thought this would be the top one didn’t you!)

Regardless of results – first, you need to be SAFE.  If there is a personal trainer that tries to sell you on some whacky exercise that is ‘brand new’ and ‘isolates belly fat’ and has you wobbling all over an inflatable object with a dumbbell in your hand singing  #Nelly the elephant # …….be suspicious.  (Admit it, now you are singing Nelly the Elephant)

Safety first, then judge the training.


Going back to number 1 – if you feel comfortable with a trainer – you probably have a good hunch that they are ok.

Saying that, check they have some sort of degree, diploma or certification, and ask what they had to do. (If in doubt, remember the name of their qualification and google it on the net later!)

You can now do some courses over a few weekends and you can decide if that’s enough to be training people like you  (I personally think that they should be working for a gym getting experience first)

Which brings me onto my next point…..


3. Do they look the part?

No, a personal trainer doesn’t need to look like a bodybuilding mr or mrs universe……


Because in fact, that might make you feel even more uncomfortable! (See reason # 1)

They should look after their own bodies, and not be either obese or weak………as they would just be a hypocrite. (See below)




4. Methods

Whats their philosophy? Do you agree?

If a personal trainer says that you need one piece of magical equipment eg kettlebells or vibrating plates or ropes etc and only these tools to get lean – do you agree? Do you agree with food recomendations?

This can be a double-edged sword as sometimes, we do need to change what we have originally thought – because sometimes we are just plain wrong……….we have believed others lies for so long and that has got us to where we are today. When I first started out I used to believe the cardio hype too! It was only when I saw better results with weight training that I knew I had to change my training methods too.


So keep an open mind – but be vigilant and ask questions if unsure.


5. Experience

Who have they trained?

Anyone you know?

Do they have some evidence of others they have trained?

Also, do they have pictures? (I have heard of personal trainers actually making up testimonials to try and gain credibility! ) . There are even photoshop pics everywhere nowadays so if some pictures look fake and too good to be true – they might just be! (Saying that, Andrea  (CLICK!!! )has been talked about all over gyms in and around the hull area, and people often say “That’s not the same woman!”)


Anyway – check that they have actually trained ACTUAL PEOPLE, and they have even some success stories —> SUCCESS STORIES