Christmas Ideas! (Part 3)

Got some fitness-loving family and friends? This 3rd and FINAL instalment of Xmas fitness ideas is for you fitness people in hull!


Parts 1 and 2 focused on quite big things that you can use for your home gym set up, like weights, suspension set-ups, and ab wheels. Check out part 1 HERE:

Christmas Ideas! (Part 1)

and part 2 HERE –


This part 3 will focus on stocking fillers and small things that may go a long way if someone you know loves to stay in great shape.

Stocking Fillers

Interval training is one of the most efficient ways to burn body fat – and is a valuable tool in what I use with all my personal training and bootcamp clients in Hull. You can do workouts at home – but looking at the clock is annoying!

Enter Gym boss interval timer!

If you’re like me, you get about 11 minutes into some a high intensity interval circuit and you can remember if you’re on round 7 or 8!  Find it here for £15



We spoke about the FAT GRIPZ in part 2 last week.  These are cheap, simple and effective (If you remember to do them)  Click the pic for more info….



I will probably get several books this year – you can learn and apply things that others have learned from – they can save you years of mistakes.

Santa got me Dan John’s book last year  (Thanks Santa! I knew I had been a good boy) and I read it really quickly.  It has a good deal on philosophy and lifting weights – a solid read if you like to clean and press, bench press, squat and deadlift 🙂

Click below for more. (By the way, you can probably find 90% of it online  – but I find it easier reading the book)…………  if you like kindleGO HERE 



I have always liked Jonny Bowden’s approach, some of it can be a bit complicated with supplements etc – but one resource I can turn to is his 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth book.

If you want to know something – it’s most likely in here


I hope you enjoyed this edition and it inspired a few ideas!