Christmas Ideas! (Part 1)

I was on Facebook the other day and some people were talking about Xmas presents!


I thought to myself ” What would I want if I was wanting to build a home gym, but didn’t have tons of money to spend?

Here are some thoughts for a home gym set-up, and some stocking fillers 😉


The Basics

If you’re dead set on some proper lifting equipment, I would invest in what we have at the Your Next Level Fitness Gym – A Power rack / squat rack, a bench, and some quality plates.

However this is expensive, and maybe only if you are really into your training.

For a Home set-up to stay in decent shape, you will want a basic barbell/dumbell set. If you want more strength, you want Olympic plates,

If looking to be fit and reasonably strong you can do so with a standard plate set.


After all, you need enough weight to be doing the big exercises, Deadlifts, squats, Rows, Push pressing / shoulder pressing, and maybe some arm work.

However, If you don’t want tons of weights lying around – there is a set-up that you may be interested in. Enter Suspension Training

TRX is the main brand about – but its quite expensive.


You can do press ups variations, pull up variation, work your abs, you name it.

You can check it out further by CLICKING HERE


TRX isnt the only suspension trainer on the market:

RIP 60 looks a lot better value – but I have not seen it in person to judge against the TRX.



Find out about the rip 60 trainer by CLICKING HERE




Tune in for part 2 next week for stocking fillers!