Beauty And The Eye of the Beholder?

I recently posted a popular picture on Facebook (The Your Next Level Fitness Fan Page to be exact), and it prompted a few comments – both online as well as offline.

Oh, I wonder why it was popular?  Maybe because it had 3 sexy women in skimpy clothes!

Do you want to see the Picture?

Here it is….and my comment: ”


3 Women – 3 shapes – all sexy!”


A few things seemed to resonate with several people who spoke to me after I had posted it. Here I have tried to remember and note them down!

“Pretty much everyone I spoke to agreed that all 3 girls were really sexy – most lads preferred the look of the ‘girl on the right’ – most women tended to say their target was the ‘left or the middle’ woman (Interesting!).

Regardless of who thinks what – I think we can more or less conclude that if someone is training to be more appealing to the opposite sex………

“it doesn’t matter if you have curves or not……you make the best of what you’ve got!  “

That wasn’t even intended to rhyme either 😉


7 Quick ways to work with what you’ve got.

1. Take a photo of yourself right now.   Only photos can be honest and truthful  (apart from those obvious photoshop scams – like on magazines that you can read about HERE )

2. Slow down your eating (I wrote a blog post on this – if you want to read more about it – CLICK HERE!)

3. Eat less carbohydrates, and more proteins and fats.

Not a good Fat loss plan

4. Do what you can in the gym (working with what you’ve got)…..but work hard at interval training like the style that we do at our outdoor bootcamp .  This means working AS HARD AS YOU CAN for 20-60 seconds, and then recover by walking.  Do this a few times a week and record it in a notebook or diary.  I have written a full article on Goal setting right here – read it in your dinner hour!

5. Lift weights to maintain and boost metabolism.  Small movements are out.  Big movements are in.  That means you do squats, deadlifts, farmers walks, pushing and pulling big weights.

Also, lift weights to shape your body.  You cannot shape bone. End of.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Evaluate your training and food every now and then (be it every  2, 4, 6 weeks etc). …..and don’t give up!


So this was just a reminder to work with your own body shape, and make a last push as we head towards the busy Xmas period of parties and gatherings! 😉