Keep It or Toss It?

It’s manic Monday and while you try to piece everything that went on last week – I’m going to try and do the same!


1. You know a question that comes out fairly frequently?  It’s this:

“Do you think (Insert food here) will be O.K. to eat?”


This nifty website (click) gives you the info you might want to know.


2. Bonfire night tonight!


Hessle Rugby Club are putting on a fireworks display down on Livingstone road (near Hessle foreshore).  Last year had rave reviews, so if you have no plans and live in Hessle Anlaby etc – get yourself down for a show….and wrap up warm!



3. Finally –  about 7 weeks til Christmas!  What are you going to do to stay in shape……or get in shape?  We are coming up to probably the busiest time of social events with Xmas parties, drinks, gatherings etc.

Have you got some options to up your energy expenditure?  This means your volume of exercise.  Are you going to train harder? Longer? More frequently?

Have you got strategies to decrease your intake of calorie-dense food? Are you going to try to eat less overall volume? Are you going to eat better quality food? Are you going to drink less alcohol?



Either way – you don’t want to have more to do come January when inevitably, that time comes around when you want to get back into those clothes you really like, and look at that holiday you really want.

Just something to think bout!

I spoke about some of these strategies in when I contributed to Womens Fitness Magazine a few of years go  (Click thumbnails below to read) , and also – there is a big article on the holiday season in the members section (click)


Have a great week and I might see you at the Rugby Club later!