Month: November 2012

Christmas Ideas! (Part 2)

It’s December on Saturday, and many will have done their christmas shopping – many won’t!


I detailed some ideas for a home fitness gym last week in Christmas Ideas PART 1 (CLICK TO VIEW)………….This week, more ideas, and maybe some smaller and out-of-the-box ideas.


Ab Training!

If you know me and my philosophy on training – when it comes to crunches…..I’m not dead against them, but I think they get over-done. Mainly due to most people do full sit-ups so high that their hip flexors do the work, and also the forces on the spine increase somewhat.

My 2 favorite ab exercises are probably the hanging leg raise…

and the ab wheel roll out.



Haha t-shirt optional!


Now, the leg raise is simply hard to do (as you have to hang your own bodyweight) , and can be done on the floor.  However, it’s not as bad-ass.  Unlike the ab wheel.

Check out Ross Enamait putting many people to shame with the ab wheel.  This guy must be absolutely bulletproof  (Click to see video in youtube)



We have a pretty high quality ab wheel at the Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamps…


It’s extra strong and you can do leg curls and hand walks if you wish (Click the PIC above to find out more).

However I have clients who have cheaper ones like this one which as also just as effective……(Click below to find out more details)

If you want to get even more bad-ass (although it is harder to get more bad ass then going downhill like our man above) you can simply use a heavy barbell!




I do think that we should move more – and more importantly…….SIT LESS.

However, I think that exercising for fairly long periods non-stop aren’t as efficient for fat loss as intervals.  Enter a surprisingly simple piece of  equipment – that people will struggle to co-ordinate….


Speaking of being humbled….


Arm training!


Us guys love to do chin ups and biceps curls.


Want to make it twice as hard without altering the weight, while building bowling pin forearms in the process?

Add a pair of these FAT Gripz:


 Get them HERE



Love massage but can’t afford one every month?

Rumble away!

The benefits of foam rolling have been documented – such as HERE and HERE.  I have found that ordinary foam rollers don’t seem to feel right – to me anyway.

The rumble roller…


CLICK HERE to find out more (and save on massages!) 


Hope you have enjoyed this post and are on with your Xmas shopping!


Christmas Ideas! (Part 1)

I was on Facebook the other day and some people were talking about Xmas presents!


I thought to myself ” What would I want if I was wanting to build a home gym, but didn’t have tons of money to spend?

Here are some thoughts for a home gym set-up, and some stocking fillers 😉


The Basics

If you’re dead set on some proper lifting equipment, I would invest in what we have at the Your Next Level Fitness Gym – A Power rack / squat rack, a bench, and some quality plates.

However this is expensive, and maybe only if you are really into your training.

For a Home set-up to stay in decent shape, you will want a basic barbell/dumbell set. If you want more strength, you want Olympic plates,

If looking to be fit and reasonably strong you can do so with a standard plate set.


After all, you need enough weight to be doing the big exercises, Deadlifts, squats, Rows, Push pressing / shoulder pressing, and maybe some arm work.

However, If you don’t want tons of weights lying around – there is a set-up that you may be interested in. Enter Suspension Training

TRX is the main brand about – but its quite expensive.


You can do press ups variations, pull up variation, work your abs, you name it.

You can check it out further by CLICKING HERE


TRX isnt the only suspension trainer on the market:

RIP 60 looks a lot better value – but I have not seen it in person to judge against the TRX.



Find out about the rip 60 trainer by CLICKING HERE




Tune in for part 2 next week for stocking fillers!



Beauty And The Eye of the Beholder?

I recently posted a popular picture on Facebook (The Your Next Level Fitness Fan Page to be exact), and it prompted a few comments – both online as well as offline.

Oh, I wonder why it was popular?  Maybe because it had 3 sexy women in skimpy clothes!

Do you want to see the Picture?

Here it is….and my comment: ”


3 Women – 3 shapes – all sexy!”


A few things seemed to resonate with several people who spoke to me after I had posted it. Here I have tried to remember and note them down!

“Pretty much everyone I spoke to agreed that all 3 girls were really sexy – most lads preferred the look of the ‘girl on the right’ – most women tended to say their target was the ‘left or the middle’ woman (Interesting!).

Regardless of who thinks what – I think we can more or less conclude that if someone is training to be more appealing to the opposite sex………

“it doesn’t matter if you have curves or not……you make the best of what you’ve got!  “

That wasn’t even intended to rhyme either 😉


7 Quick ways to work with what you’ve got.

1. Take a photo of yourself right now.   Only photos can be honest and truthful  (apart from those obvious photoshop scams – like on magazines that you can read about HERE )

2. Slow down your eating (I wrote a blog post on this – if you want to read more about it – CLICK HERE!)

3. Eat less carbohydrates, and more proteins and fats.

Not a good Fat loss plan

4. Do what you can in the gym (working with what you’ve got)…..but work hard at interval training like the style that we do at our outdoor bootcamp .  This means working AS HARD AS YOU CAN for 20-60 seconds, and then recover by walking.  Do this a few times a week and record it in a notebook or diary.  I have written a full article on Goal setting right here – read it in your dinner hour!

5. Lift weights to maintain and boost metabolism.  Small movements are out.  Big movements are in.  That means you do squats, deadlifts, farmers walks, pushing and pulling big weights.

Also, lift weights to shape your body.  You cannot shape bone. End of.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Evaluate your training and food every now and then (be it every  2, 4, 6 weeks etc). …..and don’t give up!


So this was just a reminder to work with your own body shape, and make a last push as we head towards the busy Xmas period of parties and gatherings! 😉



Keep It or Toss It?

It’s manic Monday and while you try to piece everything that went on last week – I’m going to try and do the same!


1. You know a question that comes out fairly frequently?  It’s this:

“Do you think (Insert food here) will be O.K. to eat?”


This nifty website (click) gives you the info you might want to know.


2. Bonfire night tonight!


Hessle Rugby Club are putting on a fireworks display down on Livingstone road (near Hessle foreshore).  Last year had rave reviews, so if you have no plans and live in Hessle Anlaby etc – get yourself down for a show….and wrap up warm!



3. Finally –  about 7 weeks til Christmas!  What are you going to do to stay in shape……or get in shape?  We are coming up to probably the busiest time of social events with Xmas parties, drinks, gatherings etc.

Have you got some options to up your energy expenditure?  This means your volume of exercise.  Are you going to train harder? Longer? More frequently?

Have you got strategies to decrease your intake of calorie-dense food? Are you going to try to eat less overall volume? Are you going to eat better quality food? Are you going to drink less alcohol?



Either way – you don’t want to have more to do come January when inevitably, that time comes around when you want to get back into those clothes you really like, and look at that holiday you really want.

Just something to think bout!

I spoke about some of these strategies in when I contributed to Womens Fitness Magazine a few of years go  (Click thumbnails below to read) , and also – there is a big article on the holiday season in the members section (click)


Have a great week and I might see you at the Rugby Club later!