Why A ‘Balanced’ Diet May Not Work For You

You’re probably on this fat loss website because you’re keen to make a real change – not just get on another fad diet, and crash and burn 6 days later.


I know it sounds boring, but the right choices everyday will make a massive difference.

A handful of days just eating (or drinking) a certain food will not work if its not SUSTAINABLE. I share a system with my clients that more often than not, works ……..when you work the system. 

Are you really doing the system?

There are times when you need to really knuckle down with your eating, most importantly with the TYPE of food – and secondly portion size.


I heard the other day, someone saying that all you need is a ‘balanced diet.’

You know what? If you’re a few stone overweight – chances are you have already eaten in an ‘unbalanced diet’ to be where you are right now.

Now, I myself haven’t done algebra in a while but I know that If you eat ‘balanced’ then you re going to more or less stay the same……. right?


You need to eat ‘unbalanced’ (with more good foods and slightly smaller portion sizes) to tip the see saw.


This doesn’t mean don’t eat for 2 weeks and then binge for 30 minutes on donuts and ice cream.

Simply unbalance your current routine so you’re doing more healthier stuff than bad…….

And that’s why ‘a balanced diet’ often fails!!




PS  This applies equally so with regard to your programming.  I started Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp over 3 years ago and I’m hearing people saying that they have ‘done Bootcamp’ and so think our bootcamp will be like the one they did where they ran laps and then did some press ups for an hour.  If you don’t do some pulling along with your pressing – you are likely to get sore shoulders…….and so you would do to do more pulling than pressing!   

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