Recharge Your Batteries!


It’s been a whirlwind September for me……a wedding….(Video opens in Youtube)


And a mega holiday in Mexico!

The wedding day was simply perfect, it rained all week – and then was super sunny on our special day.  From all our little surprises throughout the wedding day to my speech, to everyone who came – right day!


Today I just wanted to talk about how amazingly recharged you can feel by just having a few days to relax and not think too much.


Quality Relaxation Time

Although many love a 2 week holiday (as do I)………I was feeling the benefits within a few days.  I don’t just mean feeling good to be there – after all, who wouldn’t be excited to wake up to this view every morning?

What I am talking about is:

  • Waking up fresh and ready to jump up out of bed (and into a pool?!)
  • Thinking more clearly
  • Living in the present (not over-thinking the future or past)
  • Simply not feeling as if you’re sometimes spreading yourself  ‘too thin’


I even managed to get some exercise in while away (probably all bootcampers guessed I would!)  I managed a strength session in the gym, and 4-5 x 10min bodyweight circuits ………perfect while the wife (I still can’t get used to saying that!) gets showered before we go down to eat and be entertained.

We even got the odd bit of exercise during the day!

Some kayaking


Some abseiling into underwater caves……


And some snorkelling.



Back on Home soil……

You get back off holiday, and if you’re like anyone else –  it’s a bit of a nightmare getting back into things!  Catching up with stuff, cleaning, washing clothes, and it’s real hustle and bustle for a few days when you return home.

I have since acclimatised, and am trying to put the following into action.

  • Get a solid 8 hours sleep, and try to get to bed earlier – rather than sleeping in later (This works both ways as I find I get more done the next day)
  • Maintain my usual eating habits that I did while away, (and tell my clients) – focus on eating plenty of veg, quality protein and water. This goes for eating out too – outfit not necessary


  • Try to get up the same time each day (If you’re a shift worker, you may find that this is impossible……….although you may find tweaking your meals help you feel more energetic)
  • Train everyday, and gauge intensity by how tired stressed I feel (Don’t have to go all out every session – some days it might be 5 minutes hard, some days just a walk)
  • Listen to music that suits what you want! Want to chill, then listen to some acoustic guitar. Want to get psyched for some hardcore training? Get some metal or pumping dance on – whatever suits you.
  • Simply relax a little more!



PS If you want some drawbacks of Mexico (so that you feel better living here in Hull………..check these out.  

and for all you spider lovers……………….!!



Have a good week!!