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Why A ‘Balanced’ Diet May Not Work For You

You’re probably on this fat loss website because you’re keen to make a real change – not just get on another fad diet, and crash and burn 6 days later.


I know it sounds boring, but the right choices everyday will make a massive difference.

A handful of days just eating (or drinking) a certain food will not work if its not SUSTAINABLE. I share a system with my clients that more often than not, works ……..when you work the system. 

Are you really doing the system?

There are times when you need to really knuckle down with your eating, most importantly with the TYPE of food – and secondly portion size.


I heard the other day, someone saying that all you need is a ‘balanced diet.’

You know what? If you’re a few stone overweight – chances are you have already eaten in an ‘unbalanced diet’ to be where you are right now.

Now, I myself haven’t done algebra in a while but I know that If you eat ‘balanced’ then you re going to more or less stay the same……. right?


You need to eat ‘unbalanced’ (with more good foods and slightly smaller portion sizes) to tip the see saw.


This doesn’t mean don’t eat for 2 weeks and then binge for 30 minutes on donuts and ice cream.

Simply unbalance your current routine so you’re doing more healthier stuff than bad…….

And that’s why ‘a balanced diet’ often fails!!




PS  This applies equally so with regard to your programming.  I started Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp over 3 years ago and I’m hearing people saying that they have ‘done Bootcamp’ and so think our bootcamp will be like the one they did where they ran laps and then did some press ups for an hour.  If you don’t do some pulling along with your pressing – you are likely to get sore shoulders…….and so you would do to do more pulling than pressing!   

PPS  Next Monday – 5th November – Hessle Rugby Club will have a fireworks display on – info below:


3 Hypotheticals…..(Part 2)

In Part 1 we looked at 3 hypothetical women who take on various eating and exercise plans, or a mixture of both.  I highly suggest you read Part 1 before reading Part 2 here……

In case you missed PART 1 OF THE STORY, (CLICK HERE) .

3-12 months

Woman 1 is likely to be the lightest.

She will most likely have dropped the most weight (you know that weight and fat are different right?) so far – however, she is noticing that she is getting ‘softer’ all over her body.…….but on the plus side – her friends are pushing her all the way.  ‘This is just what happens’ she says to herself ,

“You lose fat, then you turn it into muscle right?!”


Exercise only

Woman 2 is striding along, happier with her body than at the start, and enjoying her training sessions.  However, recently, the sessions have been getting a bit boring, and so has decided to get into some classes at the gym to motivate her – because even though her body fat is going down……….it’s not fast enough for her.  She ups her training from 4 times a week in the gym to 6 classes a week (spinning, aerobics, combat style dancing etc)

After all, “more is better” right?!!

Food and Exercise

Woman 3 is ecstatic that her clothes are much fitting better!  Yeah, it’s been a bit of a pain with shopping lists and preparing a food more often – but on the plus side, the training has been shorter than she thought, (but harder!) and she is finding it easier to train most days but only for 10-60 minutes – all adding up to about 3-4 hours per week.  It seems a bit low, but hey!

“Its it’s not broke….don’t fix it!!! “

Why would Simon Cowell change his formula of keeping some schmuck in the X Factor final every year to the last 6-7 weeks? Because it make for more publicity and more money for his show!


12 Months On ….


Woman 1 and 2 are likely to have given up.

Woman 1 lost the most weight out of the 3 women, as she ate the least calories, severely restricting her eating.  All her family and friends have stopped saying how good she has done and are now saying she could do to eat more.

Her thoughts?

She doesn’t know what to do as the only way she has ‘won’ in the past is by not eating. She even says to herself that her ‘bingo wings’ are worse than ever, and she feels very ‘soft’ around her thighs and middle. Her bingo wings are what everyone sees though and hates it!

Woman 2 has given up because although she felt firmer, mentally tougher, more confident, and stronger and fitter than ever – she never saw the reduction in weight and body fat that she started out to achieve.

Sure, she was a little leaner………but for all the hours she put in – she felt it wasn’t worth it. Also, from not getting results beyond 2 months of classes at her local gym, she turned up at the desk for a gym program and found they had stopped doing them due to ‘cost-cutting’ and they couldn’t give her any advice.

She quit the gym as it seemed they were not interested in her goals. Talk about poor service.


Food and Exercise

Woman 3 is now really happy with how things have gone, and can’t stop telling everyone! She now doesn’t even miss the tasty treats she used to have like bread and pasta and ice cream for dessert…..she just knows that if she wants those food – she had better work damn hard to get them.  She has reached a point where she knows that if she puts 4,5,6,7 lb (eg over Xmas) – she knows she WILL get it off in January.


This is a fictional example, but has so many truths to it.

1. Food is the most important tool to lose weight – and more importantly – LOSE FAT.

2. Exercise is something that you have at your disposal to stay on track……..and more importantly, makes you TOUGHER, MORE CONFIDENT and LEAN. It also offers a load of other benefits like reducing blood pressure, stress and is generally simply a great investment of time vs. a lot of things!

3. How you view yourself is CRUCIAL.  If you see yourself as weak, saying “I can’t do that” and other defeatist phrases… will stay exactly how you are.

4. At any point – you can switch routes…at ANY POINT! If one route isn’t working, then you can try something else for a few weeks and see how you feel. At ANY point you can decide if you want it bad enough.


I enjoyed writing this post as it got me thinking of the hundreds of people I have seen at Bootcamp, my old gym, friends of friends who often fall into one of these categories. I just set up a page on Facebook (Just figured out how!) so if you’re on Facebook – CLICK HERE to check out Your Next Level Fitness Fan page for extra info, tips and stuff about loking and feeling your best 🙂  



3 Hypotheticals…..(Part 1)

Let”s think about a situation.  Say, 3 women are a few stone overweight, and all of them want to lose fat to feel healthier, sexier and more confident.

1 decides to do ‘just dieting.’


This means:

Restricting some, if not all types of foods at some point…..sometimes protein eg meat, sometimes carbs, eg pastas and breads, and fats, eg nuts, butter, oils.

Calories need be restricted to lose fat….her slimming group pals say.

As woman 1 is ‘just dieting,’ she is not doing any exercise other than the usual walking she may do as part of her regular routine.


Woman number 2 decides to exercise only and doesn’t change her eating.

This means:

She doesn’t change any dietary foods at all  – she eats exactly as she has done.

She believes that the extra exercise will shift the fat she’s gained over the years – after all, she’s not going to eat more so it’s gotta work because its all about calories in and calories out!

Woman number 3 decides to eat sensibly and take on some exercise too.

This means:

Eating more protein and vegetables, and eating treats at allocated times set by herself.  She won’t smash her face full of food or alcohol – but will plan nights or days where she can relax and eat/drink what she wants.

She will take on some exercise, but will not see it as the main way to lose fat.


How the first 3 months may go….

Woman 1 would restrict food portions.

She would be hungry many times of the day.

She would have lost a lot of weight lost – especially at the start.

Some weeks would be agony because she would be really hungry, and may even gain a pound or 2 some weeks.

She would not feel fitter – but would have increased confidence due to the weight lost.

Her friends would tell her she’s doing really well!

Woman 2…….

Would feel a great deal fitter – probably within a week or 2. Stairs and aerobic exercise will become noticeably easier from 1 week of 3-5 hours of exercise.

Sees an increase in strength. Maybe not noticeably at first, but by month 2 and 3, the weights will definitely have increased if progressive overload was used.

Her bodyfat may have decreased – or it may not (This is how important food is)

Her weight may have decreased – or it may have even gone up! (Again food is crucial here)

It’s most likely, that her weight will have stayed roughly the same, and her bodyfat will have gone down.

Her confidence will most likely to have increased a lot simply due to her ability to do more in her training – and that her clothes are feeling slightly better.

She will be tougher – due to the exercises that have pushed her to do more than she used to

……..but her motivation is flailing a little due to only a small positive change in appearance.

Her friends are saying they can see a difference in her clothes and her overall attitude.

Woman 3

Would be fitter due to training.

Is likely to be stronger – much like woman 2…….seeing big increases in strength in month 2-3

Paying attention to her food quality, quantity and timing…….would likely see a bigger reduction in bodyfat with perhaps a slight reduction in weight. Her clothes are fitting loads better – so who cares about the weight! She may even have gained weight but lost inches – because muscle, although heavier, takes up less room than fat.



Her friends are saying how great she’s doing!


Watch your favourite blog next week to see how the following months pan out!



Recharge Your Batteries!


It’s been a whirlwind September for me……a wedding….(Video opens in Youtube)


And a mega holiday in Mexico!

The wedding day was simply perfect, it rained all week – and then was super sunny on our special day.  From all our little surprises throughout the wedding day to my speech, to everyone who came – right day!


Today I just wanted to talk about how amazingly recharged you can feel by just having a few days to relax and not think too much.


Quality Relaxation Time

Although many love a 2 week holiday (as do I)………I was feeling the benefits within a few days.  I don’t just mean feeling good to be there – after all, who wouldn’t be excited to wake up to this view every morning?

What I am talking about is:

  • Waking up fresh and ready to jump up out of bed (and into a pool?!)
  • Thinking more clearly
  • Living in the present (not over-thinking the future or past)
  • Simply not feeling as if you’re sometimes spreading yourself  ‘too thin’


I even managed to get some exercise in while away (probably all bootcampers guessed I would!)  I managed a strength session in the gym, and 4-5 x 10min bodyweight circuits ………perfect while the wife (I still can’t get used to saying that!) gets showered before we go down to eat and be entertained.

We even got the odd bit of exercise during the day!

Some kayaking


Some abseiling into underwater caves……


And some snorkelling.



Back on Home soil……

You get back off holiday, and if you’re like anyone else –  it’s a bit of a nightmare getting back into things!  Catching up with stuff, cleaning, washing clothes, and it’s real hustle and bustle for a few days when you return home.

I have since acclimatised, and am trying to put the following into action.

  • Get a solid 8 hours sleep, and try to get to bed earlier – rather than sleeping in later (This works both ways as I find I get more done the next day)
  • Maintain my usual eating habits that I did while away, (and tell my clients) – focus on eating plenty of veg, quality protein and water. This goes for eating out too – outfit not necessary


  • Try to get up the same time each day (If you’re a shift worker, you may find that this is impossible……….although you may find tweaking your meals help you feel more energetic)
  • Train everyday, and gauge intensity by how tired stressed I feel (Don’t have to go all out every session – some days it might be 5 minutes hard, some days just a walk)
  • Listen to music that suits what you want! Want to chill, then listen to some acoustic guitar. Want to get psyched for some hardcore training? Get some metal or pumping dance on – whatever suits you.
  • Simply relax a little more!



PS If you want some drawbacks of Mexico (so that you feel better living here in Hull………..check these out.  

and for all you spider lovers……………….!!



Have a good week!!