5 Blasts From The Past (Part 2)


If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you’ll know I got married and then flew off to Mexico for a few weeks! ….And you would not believe what goes into this kinda wedding stuff!

So this week, I’ve decided to highlight 5 articles that you want to read (or re-read).  You will need to be a member of the website (If not already CLICK HERE)


They will help you think about where you may be wasting your time – and what you can do about it.

Todays Blast From The Past  (part 2)

The Calorie Conundrum 


This article highlights

  • Some statistics on obesity – Do you have a 35inch waist as a woman?  Or a 40inch waist as a man?
  • Why reducing calories may help you lose weight short term – but don’t necessarily make you healthier
  • Is 400 calories of Wild Salmon, Brocolli, mushrooms and bean sprouts, better than 300 calories of cookies and ice cream?


So CLICK HERE to find out


Watch out for part 3 tomorrow….