This Week, I Have Been Mostly…..


It’s near the end of the week – and I’ve been really busy this week with an array of both usual AND  unusual situations……….See how your week compares!

This week, I have been mostly doing (!) :


  • Matching Cravats at Bridesmaid Dresses? (No I didn’t sort this out!)
  • Attempting to keep up drinks wise in a mini-2nd stag and failing
  • Watching yet another ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ with Jen for any last minute ideas
  • Mastering the Torrential Rain at Wednesdays whirlwind Bootcamp


  • Writing my Groom Speech! (Still not polished, and probably won’t be until the last minute)
  • Dealing with an attempted theft from my car on Tuesday at 2 am ……where is it they chop off your hands for theft??!!
  • Reading up on some info everyday about food and exercise…….. Have you got 10 minutes to listen to an Interesting Interview? It’s a few years old but is still as relevant today. Strength expert Mark Rippetoe asked about fitness levels, and 3 things somone needs to get strong and fit.



Onward with another busy week!




PS If you didn’t catch last weeks Blog Post – I turned 29……..and so presented 29 of my random thoughts! (Click here to read)