29 Years Old – 29 Random Thoughts!


I turned 29 today, and how else to celebrate than spill 29 of my thoughts all over the internet for you to see into my brain  🙂


  1. Much like Homer, I love Sleep!  A few days on less than optimal sleep and I’m like a zombie.  We are all different – so measure your sleep pattern and see when you’re not feeling on top of your game – it could be your sleep.
  2. Want to know a top secret strategy that personal trainers use to get people looking in better shape?  Weight training! While It seemed like I spent an eternity at a bigger more mainstream gym in my early years as a Gym instructor – I honed my programming skills and resistance training always showed better results than cardio alone.  I found this out well before branching out on my own.
  3. Although Calories are a measure of heat (that can be transferable to body weight), I still feel that time spent counting calories could be better well spent preparing healthy food – be it shopping for it, cooking it, or eating it! Check my calorie conundrum article for the full read,  The Calorie Conundrum (CLICK)
  4. Its amazing what you can do with some time, effort, and a well-thought-out plan. Did you see the transformation that the gym at Hessle Rugby Club went through? 
  5. Speaking of transformations…….. These people have all done tremendously well (and many took photos to prove it) .  Oh, and they didn’t just starve themselves either – they lost fat and gained muscle. 
  6. High intensity Cardio intervals are much more time efficient than long hours of boring cardio. I also think this has to do with how much sugar is in our diets.
  7. Bodypump is a great class for beginners needing time with a barbell. Great exercises…… but poor programming. The only way to get stronger is to lift more weight on the bar. The tracks are just too long! You try upping your weights 33% and multiplying your set duration by 6-8 times and you will fail!! Confused? Click Here to not be!
  8. The more I drive, the more I realise I am lucky to not have to drive a lot for work. Over the past 6 months I have had to drive alot more – and my back aches from time to time. This article  along with some upper back and glute exercises have been great in keeping me from aching.
  9. You don’t NEED to train that much – but do try to train HARD and NEARLY EVERYDAY.
  10. I think its better to be stronger than you look – than weaker than you look.
  11. Logging your sets, reps, intervals etc on certain exercises will help you realise what you did before – and help you get better.
  12. Aerobics classes aren’t all that bad. Just make sure you’re getting your weights and intervals in, because if you only do aerobics (that includes zumba, combat, attack etc) You HAD BETTER BE DOING A LOT OF CLASSES PER WEEK to burn fat.
  13. Squats are probably the most effective exercise for getting strong, losing fat and improving mental toughness.
  14. If you want to get rid of fat – then training alone without changing your eating habits won’t help you much.
  15. Eliminating Fizzy drinks and alcohol are probably the most simple way to kickstart progress – some people can cut these and the weight falls off.
  16. Spices are your friends! Click Here to see when my fridge freezer broke and spices on omelettes and baked beans proved better than going out and smashing a take-away. (Which I may indulge in as a birthday treat!)
  17. Food should be enjoyed and you can still have treats and make progress – just be honest with yourself if your take-aways and sandwiches outnumber your quality protein and vegetable meals
  18. Pistachio nuts are more than moreish – count them out in a bowl and take the bowl with you. Because You WILL want more and not be able to stop yourself!
  19. If you saw my blog post on fasting (CLICK HERE) you will realise that it can be a gtreat strategy to lose fat
  20. Also, dont forget that the leanest people on the planet (bodybuilders) still tend to eat smaller meals every 3 hours. Both ways can work – it’s what you think will work for you!
  21. Coffee is my friend before training.………I know loads of people using fat burners etc and I hear stories of shakes, feeling hyper, not being able to sleep all the time. Coffee has been proven (and is in supplements too) – so enjoy it with hot water 🙂
  22. Water is probably the most important thing you can eat or drink…….I instantly feel better when I drink some if I was tired before.
  23. Facebook has got so time consuming lately – have you found that?  I find myself tuning out more and more as time runs out.
  24. Fraiser is fast becoming my favourite comedy of all time. That reminds that I havent watch Simpsons in ages.
  25. That also reminds me – laughter really can be the best medicine.

26. My wedding is coming up soon and I havent finished my speech yet!!!  (It could be worse though – like below)


27. I go to mexico and really cant wait. We’ve been saving for this massive holiday and wedding for ages – Il be glad as it’s been a while 🙂

28. Planning a Wedding is a nightmare! Thank god I have Jen to do 99% of it

29. The football season has started! What an exciting 20 years it has been for the Premier League. I was just 9 When it started in 1992 …..Football lovers Click here

That is one awesome set of clips 🙂



I wonder what else I will learn in the next 29 years…….