Best Olympic Athlete?


The Olympic’s has finished, and it was quite a spectacle, with us pride to be from yorkshire with medals coming thick and fast.


I thought I would mention some of the things we have learned from the Olympics – and a question for you to think about… it may well affect the way you train in a big, big way.


What We learned from The Olympics


  • Compete hard and  Train harder.  The Olympics showed how the human body can be pushed to achieve maximal strength, speed, endurance and skill in a range of sports.  While that event seemed tough  – you can bet that they have worked that hard – or harder… training.   They say that if you fail to prepare then you’re prepared to fail………….If you want to mix it at a high level on any day then you had better have done it several times in training.  CLICK HERE TO READ CHRIS HOYS WORDS ON HIS TRAINING


  • We all probably need to get stronger.  I once considered it strong to lift bodyweight overhead.  After seeing the women come close to, and some lifting double bodyweight for Clean and Press – I think we could all do with setting a benchmark of % bodyweight (even if its going from 20% to 30% etc) – if you work out what your can put above your head, I’m sure right now you ‘d be humbled. Make an effort to increase a lift – as the best athletes in most popular sports are the the fastest and the strongest.


  • Usain bolt is a freak.  So tall, so powerful, and maintains speed while everyone is decelerating due to fatigue. What else can I say?!


  • You will get setbacks – They’re inevitable  Thinking of  “Super Saturday”    still gives me goosebumps. The drama was so intense.  Yet there are athletes that train for months and years only to fall ill, get injured, and not compete.  Sometimes you get big knocks that will take a lot of character to come back and try again.
  • No matter the event – some people will just look silly.    Come on!  Sunglasses at night?!




The Question

I got asked an interesting question at bootcamp on Saturday.


” John, Which athlete impressed you the most?”


What a question! (And so many ways to look at it!)

You have Jessica Ennis, an all-rounder. She can run, jump, and throw to a great standard.

You have Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet.

You have  Iran’s Behdad Salimikordasiabi – The strongest Man.

Chris Hoy and Mo Farah – endurance athletes that they are just like machines.

How does this affect your training?

This brings to what do you want.

Do you want to be one of the best at _____X____?  Do you like to be known for being strong or fast or lean?

Or would you prefer to be a little of everything but not particularly excel? For example, be lean and strong enough to trump 90% of people in the street at press ups? Or do you want to compete to be the best at something.

Its a question I ask, as some people wish to be the best, or excel at this and that quality………but you cant be everything.  For example, Jessica Ennis won her 800m with a time of 208.65…………most top female 800m runners will do 1.55-2.00mins.

Either way – no decision is wrong or right………It’s what you think.

Tell me what you think by adding it to my Facebook comment ( if you’re my friend!)

Decide where you want to excel – and train for it!  It takes a lot to be good at everything, and sometimes the difference between good and great are hours and hours 🙂





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