A Great Hour And Missing Breakfast?

Saturday night was an emotional rollercoaster – with Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Jess Ennis all winning gold within an hour or so.


Probably the best hour in GB athletics?  Watch it HERE (skip to 2 hrs 16)


I found it funny that only several weeks ago, some unnamed GB coach claimed that Jess Ennis was ‘too fat’.  If you have watched any of her heptathlon events this year – you’ll see this quote is insane.




Heavy? She may be.  Fat? Not a chance.  It still bewilders me that the difference between fat and muscle isn’t clearer.



Mo Farah is a running machine.

Yet most people would rather look like one of the sprinters than the distance runners ?????

Check out Ezekiel Kemboi compared to sprinter Yohan Blake.




I think most people training to look ‘more toned’ would benefit more from higher intensity exercise.



Did you see Horizon’s “Eat, Fast, and Live Longer”  episode?  ……….Notice the comma after fast 😉  .

If not you can catch it by clicking below:



I mentioned briefly in last years reflective blog post Resolutions For 2012, What I Have Learned in 2011 And More! …check out number 5 where I predicted this would be an area of interest this year.   This may not be great strategy for everyone (eg diabetics), but it provides quite a simple way of

1) Slowing / stopping inflammation

2) Reducing Sugar

3) Reducing calories


All while being not impossible.  I do feel that the first fast Michael Moseley did (3 days) was too much……..and more frequent fasting is more beneficial.  Might I add that frequency is nearly always better – just like with training.

For example,  I would rather have a client do 6 x 30 min sessions for 6 days of the week than do 2 x 90 minute sessions.


Let’s hope that this coach calling Jess Ennis too fat is literally eating his words now 😉