It’s Looking Better…..But Not For Shinji Kagawa


So Terry got found not guilty.  Anway,we know what hes guilty of in the past a la wayne bridge…..


On with Todays Post!

It seems that FINALLY(!) there is a lot more people starting to do a lot of things…..

  1. There seems to be a lot more focus on high quality foods – and people generally are more aware of what is good for you and what isn’t.  This has been highlighted quite recently in the TV series “The Men That Made Us Fat” and last night’s “Myths About Your 5-a-day”.   This is a big plus, and I hope people start reducing the amount of packaged processed food that’s loaded with sugar, sugar and more sugar…….oh, and a boatload of chemicals:
  2. It seems that people are embracing the need for more intense exercise.  Signs are showing that people seem to be pushing themselves harder, and not necessarily longer.  I have been saying this for years, and touched upon why gyms try to get you to believe in “the fat burning Zone” HERE (CLICK)   . Chances are, you’re already stressed, adapted to your usual program of 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the stepper……..(I’m actually yawning as Im typing this) ………..I’m pleased to see that many are using Interval training and weight training and pushing their comfort zone.
  3. People are using resistance!  More barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, Vipr’s………this is a far cry from what was going on 3,4,5 years ago.  If you want to change your body shape – a form of resistance training is essential.
  4. My ankle still feels 100%, thanks to me doing low level work on it every day – and then going back into weight training step by step.  I have found that weight training strengthens your body – not injures it (if done properly).  When someone tells you that weights are dangerous – check out there statistics HERE . (Sport tends to be more risky. I’m so glad I am back to full strength – being on crutches and the weeks getting back to normal were a nightmare.
  5. Most of my wedding planning (of which I have hardly done any!) is nearly done! Suits…..sorted.   Wedding venue, table plan, rings………sorted.  Stag do? Well, thats to come so I hope I make it back alive! HERE is the post when I announced my engagement  
  6. In the last few months I haven’t heard one person say ” …But…..aren’t eggs bad for you?!”    This has been going on long enough, and I’m pleased that people are now more educated. (That, or it’s just my bootcampers that know the score!)  If you don’t already eat your eggs – tuck in from today!


I hope some of these good trends continue ……