It’s Often Worth The Wait


I hope you had a great Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend!  Hessle foreshore was packed!

It made for an interesting bootcamp as it was nearly impossible to get parked down livingstone road -MADNESS! Like on TV  🙂


I just wanted to direct your attention to the 3 year anniversary of Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp – I wrote about it here (CLICK) .

It’s the actually anniversary TODAY,  – but Saturday was the day of the week it all started, and just feels right!


Start Small and Be Patient

I just wanted to write a little about how things take time, patience and hard work.

When you embark on losing some fat, changing the your body shape, getting stronger or fitter……………’s not easy!

I often say that the first bootcamp session is the hardest one – mainly because it’s a big shock to your system…………but also because it’s a huge step psychologically.


Your body just want to say “NO!”



Back in June 2009, when I started Bootcamp , There were many times I had 3, 2 – even just 1 person training!  Business-wise, this seemed like it would fail….but I loved it, I believed in it – and knew I would make it work.  When you get a group of people hungry to drag things around a snowy field – you know they’ve made leaps to become mentally and physically strong people 🙂

Check out the scenery when Bootcampers came down in January……



Putting it in Perspective

If you need to lose fat (90% of most people’s goals), food is key, and exercise will help.

Here’s a simple, yet effective way of making progress in most things.

1. Measure what you want to change

2. Create a plan

3. Re-measure and assess if said plan worked.

4. Tweak plan and start over!


It sounds simple, but it is so effective.  There is also something I might mention that is very important.   If you DO NOT STICK TO YOUR PLAN – you cannot say it didn’t work!

Many people say ” I tried __X__ and it just didnt work…..when really, they did a bit of __X__ but 90% of the time did what they were already doing (old habits) and end up where they are today.  That’s how many people end up saying “‘nothing works for me – I give up”


Dont give up!  Its often worth the wait! (See below!)



Have a great week,