Hulls Original Bootcamp….Anniversary!


If you’ve read my blog for a while – you’ll know that I advocate resistance training, be it dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, ropes and bodyweight (and more!)

Sometimes, I just feel bad saying the ‘P’ word at our Bootcamp  

These are incorporated in to a tough session that leaves you stronger, fitter, and with an elevated metabolism for hours afterwards.



This makes for a more efficient use of time, where you can spend more time either working your good food habits – or having fun time, family time, or whatever is important to you.



On June the 9th, it will be our Bootcamp’s 3rd year anniversary!

Yes that’s right, Hull’s 1st Bootcamp originated on a super hot sweaty Saturday 12pm with 6 lads all ready for a training session that was ‘different’…….and was it!

We had a sled, some suspension straps, a barbell and a keg of ‘gone off’ Guinness!


In hindsight – 12pm mid day summer was not the best time to train! It was HOT! Some guys stuck around for more hardcore sessions, and some decided it wasn’t for them. 

18 months on, many women were interested as it was hard strength training that you could’t find anywhere else! 

I refined my programming to work for both men and women, using methods that got everyone working really hard within the same session

 Anyone who says you cant train 2 very different ability levels at the same time really isn’t planning anything out in their sessions.


By the way – if you want to get stuff done….you’d better have a plan.  Any plan is better than no plan (or so I have found)



On a side note – you may like this video that Kendra sent me.  Its quite interesting, and I agree with a lot of the major points.  I do think that sugar is a lot worse than say, animal fat – like when people say that nuts are bad for you because they’re high in calories – yet a medium sticky toffee bun is better for you because it has less calories.




Have a great week!











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