Don’t Give Up – 7 Reasons Why People Do And Tips To Prevent It Happening To You!


It was one of of those nightmare weeks last week………you know, those where you are completely  GUTTED.



 I had problems with my laptop – so a big shout out to my Brother  – Paul Cammish – who got things sorted in quick time………and all while shopping for his dream car too 😉

If you need a laptop fixing – CLICK HERE (and bookmark it)

This weeks blog is centered on the excuses many people make when it comes to making that change to looking and  feeling that bit better……..and what they might be able to do about it.

Are you on the following list?

7. ‘You just don’t care .’   

I just can’t help you if you are here at this point.  If you don’t want to help yourself  – because you will look and feel better – then that’s your choice! Sometimes people just see the worst in everything.


 6. Lack of understanding of the benefits – ‘Low priority.’

Some people may not understand that a few minutes of exercise (as little as 30mins per day)  Even just using a bike to travel will help you out (CLICK HERE to see the study)  

In my opinion, I dont even think that 30 is needed – provided you have enough INTENSITY (CLICK for intense sled vid)

30 minutes, 3 x a week could well be enough…..and there have been positive results from as little as 4 mins per day. 

You have just got to work REAL HARD!


5. Embarrassment – Social discomfort.

People feel uncomfortable exercising………yet you shouldn’t.  Many people don’t even care to notice what others are doing – it’s mainly annoying kids that hang around areas that make places intimidating.  So when you’re at the gym or outside – don’t worry about it so much 😉


4. Injury/health problems – chronic physical discomfort.

Exercise has been shown to help alleviate chronic pain symptoms. Sometimes a decent physio can show you ways to strengthen areas that need help – and often general movement will help back pain in particular.  If you are more than a few stone overweight, the difference of losing some weight on your quality of life can be astounding.


3. Boredom – lack of variety.

There tons of options!  There is an infinite number of training programs, bike rides you could do, games you could play! 

Do you have to be in a gym? No.

A game of basketball or some other sport could perk you up.

If you are in the gym, why not set yourself a challenge?

Saying you are bored is a lack of imagination.

There’s a metallica lyric ” boredom sets into the boring mind”…….don’t be the boring one!


I knew I could fit my favourite band into a blog somewhere 😉


2. Distance – inconvenience.

There are solutions that don’t have to be at a gym or a personal training studio.  Although Im not as keen on them as say a hands-on coaching program, in-home products do have some upsides in that they just need a DVD player and a TV.  The problem most people have is staying motivated to do something on their own (usually early in the morning or late at night because of time restrictions).

Which leads me onto the next point…


1. ‘No time in my busy schedule.’”

In my opinion, Exercise is a great investment of time.  For the relatively small amount of time invested, you get

  • Improved Cardiovascular fitness (exercise feels easier)
  • Improved strength (things feel lighter!)
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved chances of living longer


…………These are just a handful of reasons.  It makes sense to invest a few minutes most days of the week to reap the benefits. 

Especially, now theres no regular football to watch on the TV…………..

For a month or so!




PS  It’s interesting to note the amount of new ‘bootcamps’ springing up here and there. (Usually same classes renamed to sound more hardcore!)

Its soon the 3 year anniversary of my Maximum Metabolism bootcamp! We started it as a mens and womens camp down on pickering park back in 2009.  This is Hulls ORIGINAL (and best!)  Bootcamp…….let me know if you want to get started as places have been filling up and once the class is full – you might not get on! Check out the info HERE (click)