Personal Trainer Shares Some Articles and Thoughts


 I thought I would drop some articles that I have read recently your way for a change. One of these might spark something in you that makes you think differently about training and eating towards some sort of goal…..rather than just spinning around like a hamster.



Topic 1 – Training

First off, how long do you spend training?  This article found most people spend around 9 minutes actually training.

It may have something to do with the amosphere on your training environment – as I highlighted last week —> “Why Atmosphere Can Be Everything”

I myself am not too concerned with this finding – as higher intensity intervals have  been shown to be a more time efficient way to burn more calories.  Plus, you don’t need a whole lot of time to get strong.  Just some planning, and some balls to add more weight on the bar and get strong.

Most people would feel a whole lot better if they became stronger overall.



Plus, I would rather have a client train for 9 minutes per day, rather than 1 hour x once per week.  Frequency and intensity are really important.

Topic 2 – Food

I often recommend quality protein and plenty of veg – it’s simply proper food.

I have had many people say that “red meat is bad for you isn’t it?!”   Well, Jonny Bowden puts it better than I ever could right here:



If you can’t be bothered to read it all – basically the study that the media picked up had some glaring faults.  The people who ate more meat just happened to be people who drank a lot of alcohol, ate less vegetables and didnt really exercise. Oh, and they probably didnt eat high quality chicken and steak – it was probably more like hot dogs and burgers.


Topic 3 Lifestyle

This last topic is something that everyone will have different opinions on – it is how you want to live. I’m currently reading a book on ‘minimalism’ – and trying to not get bogged down in things that I really don’t want (or need).

Interesting read this last one…..

20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life


That reminds me, I need to stop watching more TV and playing more guitar!





PS The weather has been up and down lately……….this has no way stopped us from hitting some high intensity intervals and circuits outside of Hessle Rugby Club. If you’re one for the indoors – there is an indoor Bootcamp available on a Tuesday morning at 9.30am.  Today was heavy, with some sweaty intervals at the end!