Running For a Good Cause

Good afternoon! Proper Spring weather today………..and last nights bootcamp was decidely ‘fresh(!)’



 This mornings class was indoors as usual, and we got a good sweat on using some resistance training and finished with some high intensity intervals 🙂


I like to try and help out charities when I can. Check some out:

We raised over £450 for Motor Neurone Disease with our Charity Bootcamp  =  (Including bootcamp pics!)

Bootcamp sessions have raised over £200 for Help for heroes the past 2 years =


So for this weeks blog, I just wanted to leave a story today about one of my friends, and an event thats been a while coming.
My good mate and fellow team mate at 5-a-side Lee Phipps is running the london marathon in about 3 weeks (22nd April). While I like the odd run of about 5-10k from time to time, I would rather work harder for less time!! 

I take my hat off to someone who can devote this much time and improve to be at a good standard.

Heres his words……
After years of watching the London Marathon on TV I finally decided to take the leap and apply for entry through the ballot system. Three years later and another failed ballot entry I found out about the Good For Age system where if you run a certain time (which varies depending on your age and sex) in a marathon you are guaranteed entry to the following years London Marathon.

Check the Good-for-age-system out here
So I looked this up and found out that for me this would mean running a Marathon in under 3.10 which I knew would be a huge task. With this in mind I started to look for a Marathon the following year and decided on the Stratford Upon Avon Shakespeare Marathon in May the following year.

I had been running for a couple of years before this point but only really running 5k and 10k races so in the January I began my Marathon
training Schedule. This mainly involved about 4/5 runs per week and also playing 5 aside football. I usually tried to include at least one
speed session per week and 2 longer runs of between 7-9 miles during the week and one long run usually on a Sunday starting at 10 miles and
reaching a peak of 22 over a 14 week period. I found the longer training runs really hard work and really struggled with the runs of
over 20 miles (of which I managed 5) as I tried to run them all at roughly my marathon pace(MP) (7mm) and this really took it out of me.

After looking at other schedules I realised that maybe just running sections of those longer runs at MP would have left me in better shape
for my other training runs each week. Anyway after a tough 5 months I finally arrived at the start of the Stratford upon Avon Marathon. I
felt that I paced it pretty well and went through the Halfway point at 1.31.30 and Finished in 3.06.24. I felt pretty good until 20 miles
then slightly slowed for the final 6 miles but only by about 20-30 seconds per mile. So this meant that I had managed a good for age time
and had to do it all over again!

So after getting my application in and having everything confirmed I thought this time I was going to have a much better training plan and
did a lot of research into this. I came up with the plan below starting at the lower distances and adding about 10% per week until
reaching the top distances.

Monday – 4 miles
Tuesday – 8-10 miles with 8/10 x 500 meter intervals at 1 minute 45 (5k pace)
Wednesday – Football
Thursday – 8-12 miles (at Marathon Pace 6:52 mm)
Friday – 4 miles or rest day
Saturday – 6-8 miles (7:10 – 7:20 mm)
Sunday – 16 – 23 miles (second half at MP)

I decided that my aim for London would be to run a PB and if things went really well to sneak under the illusive 3 hour barrier. Training
went really well and I purchased a Garmin forerunner 110

Garmin Forerunner 110


which really helped out with my pacing and made it a lot easier to complete interval sessions. My long Sunday runs also felt a lot easier this
time around; I think the increased mileage throughout the week and the 12 miles at MP during the week really helped this. I also focused a
lot more on recovery after the harder session I tried a number of different things and found what worked best for me was to try and have
a recovery shake (I liked the SIS Rego – SIS Rego Recovery within 30 minutes of finishing a hard session and then to wear compression socks for 6-8 hours after the session.

 Also along with this, lots of stretching before and after every workout seemed to really decrease any aches and pains that I
felt the day after the session.

After completing 16 weeks of hard training I had my final long run of 22 miles last Sunday. I have now began a 3 week taper which involves
reducing your training to 75% then 50% to 25% in the week leading up to the Marathon.

I have decided to run the Marathon for the British Heart Foundation as my Dad had a heart attack 5 years ago and the work that was carried
out was truly amazing and without their work he wouldn’t be here today.

I have created a ‘Justgiving’ page and any sponsors would be much appreciated.



It’s John again ……I’m passionate about this cause as my dad also had heart problems.

Good look Lee!  Hope you beat that little boy too, he looks a dark horse 😉


Here’s that link again