Biggest Loser, Losing Weight and Real Life


I wrote an article several months back, about a TV program called The Biggest Loser……..You ve probably heard of it:

While the programme is great because it

a) Motivates people to lose weight (who REALLY need to)
b) Probably adds several years to their lives
c) Shows people that EVERYONE can change their lives (including you)
d) Makes for great TV!
I am going to mention a few points why it annoys me:

The personal trainers

The main thing that really p*sses me off is that because they see some personal trainer, yelling (practically non-stop), this is what a trainer is meant to do.  It further enhances the stereotype that a personal trainer just stands there yelling crap like “no pain, no gain”………”feel the burn”  and “Go Go Go”!!!! (Seriously, count it tonight!) and literally trying to get the particpants to puke.

It’s one thing to make someone tired, and something else to get someone leaner, faster, stronger and more healthy.  

People have asked me about my Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp, and they almost talk themselves out of it, because they think it will be like The Biggest Loser…………….someone shouting at them til they drop. 

We encourage you to do what you can do, and you will notice a difference without having to plug your ears…..much like when some whiny bitches start to infiltrate my environment.



A coach is supposed to COACH.  

I dont think I have actually heard a proper coaching cue on The Biggest Loser.   Nothing that says anything to the participants about keeping their back straight, abs tight …..anything at all resembling coaching. It really is just ‘you can do more’….. ‘no pain no gain’…..  ‘harder!’   

This kind of encouragement without coaching both makes it somewhat dangerous……….and makes it seem like anyone can coach – because they can shout!
Variety for variety’s sake.

The program basically just uses a sh*tload of exercises that bust their asses – and the focus is soley on busting them up, rather than beating a previous best. 

Heres a quick test. Whats more important –

a) Feeling MORE SICK than last time,


b) Maybe completing a 2000m row 10 seconds faster? 
Answer?  You had better have said ‘b’

You may have felt worse after ‘b’…….but it wasn’t the goal!
This leads everyone – and you, the public (You are probably not part of the misinformed public because you read this website!) to believe that everything is gauged on how you feel.

What if you had a bad nights sleep? 

Or you ate a little bit too soon before the session?

Or you havent eaten for 6 hours because of work?

Or you ve had an argument with your boyfriend about the washing up and cant be arsed to train?

You will almost NEVER be in a PERFECT state to train 2 sessions in a row. I havent even begun to mention that you might have done an upper body session and your arms might still be a bit sore because you did a new exercise or set-rep scheme.
Lesson?  Document your progess and dont go by how much your bucket filled with puke.

Focus on weight loss?

I realise there has to be some quantiative measurement and so the weight in these people should be measured. 

However, chances are you dont need to lose as much weight as them.  The less weight you need to lose = the LESS you need to be bothered about the scale weight, and more about the mirror.  

 Also, has anyone not noticed that more of the people who go in, end up putting  alot of the weight back on??

It’s too intensive to give people 4-6 hours exercise a day, away from their natural environment and expect them to think its the same living at home.  Thats like learning to become a professional table tennis player………..and then going out to play table tennis table shaped like a figure of 8




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Watch out for the slogans tonight, and Il see you next time!




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