I hope you enjoyed some time with loved ones last week………and didn’t go mad for the sake of it…….or restrict yourself too much if you are progressing at a rate you are happy with ūüôā


The mind games we play with ourselves………..I find very interesting.

Sometimes we¬†try to rationalise something ‘isn’t that bad’ (eg chocolate)………..and sometimes we lie to ourselves ‘ I worked really hard today’¬† (when really you KNOW¬†you could have done more).

Then there’s the flip side.

Sometimes we restict ourselves to the point where it becomes ‘a pain’¬†to restict yourself that treat.¬† Or……. you¬†train to the point of failure and¬†increase the risk of serious¬†injuries……time after time after time.

What I would like to suggest to you is a sense of balance.



Weight Loss

What do I mean?

If you’re happy with your progress (see saw is balanced), then keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re not happy with your progress (see¬†saw towards¬†too much bodyfat), then you need to make some changes.


The¬†happier you are with your progress and nearer to your goal………….the¬†greater margin of error you have!

Onto tonight!


Pancake day 


Yes, it was valentines day last week and now it’s pancake day.¬† The world is against us all!!!!


Does this mean you have to have 6 pancakes?  No.

Does this mean you need to abstain totally?¬† Again…..No.



It really does depend on your current situation and how happy you are at the moment.


Enjoy your week!




PS¬†A Bootcamper has alerted me to an opportunity some of you may be interested in.¬† The may be a zip line event from the humber bridge¬† (details are sketchy at the moment).¬† Those involved are checking for numbers (wanting around 60 people)¬†and I promised I would mention it.¬†¬†Those wishing to participate would need a ¬£30 deposit, and then raise a minimum of ¬£100 for charity.¬†¬† If¬†you or¬†you know someone whoi is interested…………email me at john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk and Il put you in touch with the right people¬†ūüôā