Vicky from Hull Loses Weight and Drops a Dress Size (or 5?!)

What can I say?
One ice cold bootcamp in late January 2011, a young woman called Vicky came to her free bootcamp trial at our Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp.
Vicky got there early as I could run through some of the unusual exercises we do at bootcamp.  She was a little shy as she first saw me dragging about 80kg across a wet field ………and oddly I was smiling!


She found it really hard – as we really push the intensity very high for most of our sessions and this was no exception.  It was her first session so I adjusted weights and things so Vicky could break in to it with a little more ease.  I remember when she found that her left arm was a lot weaker than her right and struggled with overhead pressing a 15kg bar for about 4 reps! How things change!  

Here are her words…….

(Speaking after 3 weeks) I decided to finally do something about my weight at the beginnng of this year (2011). I have always had a massive insecurity and complex about my weight and it has prevented me from enjoying things like holidays, summer, swimming,  nights out etc.

I have tried slimming clubs in the past and whilst they did help me lose weight, they didn’t really do anything for my shape and it was also very easy to put the weight straight back on again when the diet got boring……..also, I don’t have the time to count calories and measure portions!

So, after seeing the terrible photos of myself after Christmas, I decided to sort myself out! I didn’t want to commit myself to joining a gym which I knew didn’t work for me as I have tried them before and I found them boring and wasn’t very good at self motivation! So, I looked on the internet and found John’s website about his bootcamp. He offered a free trial session to get a taster of what it would be like, which was great and meant I didn’t have to commit straight away.
The first morning I went I was very pleased to find that John was very welcoming and friendly. He wasn’t like the trainers you see on TV who shout at you and carry a whistle! Which was good for me! He asked questions about what I wanted to achieve and why. During the first session, instead of spending large amounts of time on cardio, we did interval type training and weights and John explained that this sort of training is very affective as it keeps the muscles working even after exercise has finished.
And, you don’t have to spend hours doing the same thing to acheive great results!  He gave me loads of info regarding the type diet I should be eating to help with weight loss and what I should be doing in between bootcamp sessions (and this was even before I had given him a penny!!)

‘In just three weeks I have lost 10lbs and amazingly dropped a dress size’

I now go John’s bootcamp sessions twice a week and have been for the past three weeks. In just three weeks I have lost 10lbs and amazingly dropped a dress size……which I am over the moon about!!!   I can see my shape is changing for the better……as opposed to just being a smaller version with the same horrible shape. I feel so much better eating a high protein, low carb diet, as I used to feel very sluggish and tired. Now I have so much more energy and I’m sleeping a lot better!
The Experience
The people at bootcamp are all very welcoming and encouraging and help to give me the motivation I need to help me work as hard as I can. I don’t feel self conscious (as I would at a gym) and I look forward to every session. John also gives me exercises I can do at home and gets in touch during the week to spure me on that little bit more. I am extremely greatful to John for his encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm, support and advice and I am so glad I joined his bootcamp!
I can tell that it’s more than just a job for him and he really enjoys it and genuinely wants to help! He is also willing to answer questions and gives as much advice as he can to help me achieve my goals. I still have a long way to go, but I know that sticking to what I’m doing and with John’s help I will eventually get to where I want to be!  John’s bootcamp is something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into shape and feel better! Thanks John!

(Speaking after 6 months)

After attending John’s bootcamp for 6 months, I am now extremely happy to say I have exceeded my initial goals!! I am over the moon!
When I started John’s bootcamp in January, I weighed an embarrassing 14stone 2lbs and was a very uncomfortable size 18/20…now I weigh 10stone 12lbs and have gone down to a very more acceptable and happy size 12/14. That’s 3stone 4lbs and approx 3 dress sizes. I NEVER thought that I would achieve this so quickly and ENJOY it! I have lost inches off my waist, hips, thighs and arms and I am so much more in proportion than I have ever been in my adult life. Also, my BMI rating has changed from ‘obese’ to ‘normal’.
My new goal is to get down to a size 10/12 and 10 stone (although, I don’t obsess over weight anymore, as I’m more concerned about how I look and feel!)
Joining John’s bootcamp is one of the best things I have ever done and I can’t imagine not doing it now. I  now see my fellow bootcampers and John as friends and I still look forward to every session.
I have proved that anything is possible and if you listen to people who know what they’re talking about, eat a sensible diet and put in the hard work, you can achieve your goals. I feel much more energetic and i’m amazed at how strong I have got in just 6 months.
I don’t feel self conscious anymore and I’m thrilled that I can shop in ‘normal’ shops and buy nice fashionable outfits for a change.
Looking at the before pictures of myself, I feel emarrassed and can’t believe I ever let myself get like that. I know that I will never be like that again and I’m so happy I made the decision to contact John.

I cannot wait to see what results the next 6 months bring. I can’t thank John enough for his help and encouragement. THANKYOU John :)

(Speaking after 1 year)

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for helping me achieve my 2011 New years relolution (the only one that I have ever stuck to)….I’ve lost 4 stone 8lbs last time I checked and I’m now size 10/12, compared to my start size of 18/20 :)


Vicky has been an absolute star – and the pic are evidence what she has achieved.  In training, she has become so much stronger too. That 15kg bar she struggled with at her first bootcamp?  Now its 25kg for REPS……..we re talking 8-12 or more reps.  She regularly lifts what some of the men do and is an all round top lass!

Well done Vicky!