Weight Loss – Are You Still Doing It? (Part 2)


You might have read part 1 of my article  “Weight Loss – Are You Still Doing It? (Part 1)” last week.  If not – click here and check it out or re-read it to make sure you’re up to speed 🙂

Here’s the next 5 simple tips to help you keep losing weight…..

6. Cut The Crap

Nearly everyone loves sweets. Its that sweetness that some people feel they just ‘need.’

But those sweets may be causing you to PACK ON THE POUNDS.

When you go shopping, stay on the outer aisles of the shop.

If you’re in the office and hungry – stick to nuts………and satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits. They provide you with vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary for weight loss – much better than sugar upon sugar.

I spoke about the crazy amounts of sugar in foods RIGHT HERE (click)

7. Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are nothing but a death trap in yourc quest for WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.

Cutting out fizzy drinks may help cut out unnecessary calories and TONS of sugar.

Diet drinks may not be any better.

Diet drinks may lead to metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases, like heart disease. Some studies have shown the ‘sweetness’ causes your body to act as if sugar was present – and lead to more calories consumed soon afterwards.

Your best bet would be to stay away from the frizzy drink and opt for a cold glass of water.


8. Develop A Plan

Nothing beats weight loss like having a plan.

A plan is such an important step in your weight loss process.

By developing a plan, you hold yourself accountable for your weight loss and eating patterns.

It can be even MORE POWERFUL if you share your plan with someone else.

This may BOOST weight loss and motivation to lose weight, now that SOMEONE ELSE is watching you – and maybe even joining you.

Start with a long term goal and start early!

Then break down those goals into smaller more manageable weekly goals.

When you accomplish your weekly goals, reward yourself for a job well done.

This may help you lose more weight and KEEP it off.

9. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most important meal of your day.

It is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism, keeping you energized throughout the day.

If I ever miss breakfast, and I have a client in at 6am – I am absolutely ravenous by 7.30am.  Don’t be ravenous and have nothing to crap to eat!  (see number 6 at top of the page!)….or you might end up like this guy……


10. Eat REAL food

Reading labels may help you make better food choices when you are shopping.

By learning what to look for on a label, you may empower yourself to change eating habits for you and your family.

What could be even better?

Foods that don’t need labels!

Foods like meats, fish, fruit etc. 

Food that you can pronounce has has one or 2 main ingredients is real food.  If it has 20 ingredients and they all are hard to spell – keep it on the shelf!


This simple tip may keep your waist line trim and increase your knowledge of what is going into your body.

 Wrap Up

So there you have it. 10 great simple tips to keep you rockin’ into March. 

By the way, some people would’ve thought the snow kept us from doing outdoor bootcamp.   It was -10 degrees at 7.45am, and had only got to -7 or so by the time the second bootcamp started.  Check out the view!



For those who don’t fancy the cold too much and are off during the daytime hours on a Tuesday………..You may fancy the 9.30am Tuesday morning bootcamp that is indoor. 

If you want a free trial and you’re keen to shape up for summer that bit early – drop me an email at john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk and Il get back to you within 24 hours.