Here’s The Situation….(Hull Personal Trainer Creates Quiz For You)

Hey Hope you’re having a good week…………You may want to have a go at the following problem. 


Eating For Fat Loss

Heres the situation………………..Your world is turned upside down. 

Your Fridge-freezer goes into melt down …….literally!


You can’t eat a yoghurt.

You can’t even make a cup of tea for your girlfriend as there’s no milk!

You actually realise the meaning of that phrase ” You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

A bit like when you wake up in a morning 😉

So, life goes on.
Do you……

A) Live off takeaways?


B) Starve to death?

C) Eat somewhere else eg. parents, friends or neighbours?


However, if your family meal looks as happily fake as this – something could be wrong!


Or, theres always secret option “D” …….to try and eat properly when you can!

Take for example, yesterday, I was a little stuck without the fridge. My post workout meal called for some carbs – and hey! The cupboard had just the thing.  Beans on toast!


Beans on toast gets a bad rap for being boring……….but those people didn’t use spices that make nearly any food that bit extra tasty 🙂



Might I add, that this was a post workout meal and I really don’t recommend eating bread every meal – much like the food pyramid:

Now, after Bootcamp last night (Which might I add a few Bootcampers said was the hardest one for a while) was a relief from some of the heavier strength work we have been doing  to give our joints a bit of a break, and overload the muscles a bit. 

I didn’t take part – and so was really not deserving of a high energy meal.

This is what went down in my kitchen………..

That’s right.

Eggs and vegetables. 

A great breakfast – and a great meal full stop.

No fridge required!!  Oh, and if you want to throw in the old ‘eggs are bad for you aren’t they?’  Then you can read my opinion here (click)

 If you are dead against ‘too many eggs’ ………then supplements might be useful for you:


Do I think protein drinks are necessary?  FIND OUT by clicking here

Needless to say – I was dead-set on getting this sorted AS SOON AS POSSIBLE….(unlike my car! Ha!) and voila!  I can now rest happy knowing that my meat, fruit and vegetables can be chilled for days on end.

So there you have it.  It’s not always doom and gloom, and when you have a gun pointed to your head – you can either find a way………..or find a reason to cave in and fall off the wagon. 

You probably know options than you think you do!


Extra Hour in Bed (Extra Bootcamp)


Saturday’s Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp has been really popular, and so have decided to put on an EXTRA BOOTCAMP on at 9.15am (at Hessle Rugby Club).  Some have already requested the slightly later slot – and there’s still space on both Bootcamps. 

If you work hard all week and want to take advantage of that extra hour in bed – the 9.15am class could be for you. Be quick to make sure you’re assured a place 🙂