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Biggest Loser, Losing Weight and Real Life


I wrote an article several months back, about a TV program called The Biggest Loser……..You ve probably heard of it:

While the programme is great because it

a) Motivates people to lose weight (who REALLY need to)
b) Probably adds several years to their lives
c) Shows people that EVERYONE can change their lives (including you)
d) Makes for great TV!
I am going to mention a few points why it annoys me:

The personal trainers

The main thing that really p*sses me off is that because they see some personal trainer, yelling (practically non-stop), this is what a trainer is meant to do.  It further enhances the stereotype that a personal trainer just stands there yelling crap like “no pain, no gain”………”feel the burn”  and “Go Go Go”!!!! (Seriously, count it tonight!) and literally trying to get the particpants to puke.

It’s one thing to make someone tired, and something else to get someone leaner, faster, stronger and more healthy.  

People have asked me about my Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp, and they almost talk themselves out of it, because they think it will be like The Biggest Loser…………….someone shouting at them til they drop. 

We encourage you to do what you can do, and you will notice a difference without having to plug your ears…..much like when some whiny bitches start to infiltrate my environment.



A coach is supposed to COACH.  

I dont think I have actually heard a proper coaching cue on The Biggest Loser.   Nothing that says anything to the participants about keeping their back straight, abs tight …..anything at all resembling coaching. It really is just ‘you can do more’….. ‘no pain no gain’…..  ‘harder!’   

This kind of encouragement without coaching both makes it somewhat dangerous……….and makes it seem like anyone can coach – because they can shout!
Variety for variety’s sake.

The program basically just uses a sh*tload of exercises that bust their asses – and the focus is soley on busting them up, rather than beating a previous best. 

Heres a quick test. Whats more important –

a) Feeling MORE SICK than last time,


b) Maybe completing a 2000m row 10 seconds faster? 
Answer?  You had better have said ‘b’

You may have felt worse after ‘b’…….but it wasn’t the goal!
This leads everyone – and you, the public (You are probably not part of the misinformed public because you read this website!) to believe that everything is gauged on how you feel.

What if you had a bad nights sleep? 

Or you ate a little bit too soon before the session?

Or you havent eaten for 6 hours because of work?

Or you ve had an argument with your boyfriend about the washing up and cant be arsed to train?

You will almost NEVER be in a PERFECT state to train 2 sessions in a row. I havent even begun to mention that you might have done an upper body session and your arms might still be a bit sore because you did a new exercise or set-rep scheme.
Lesson?  Document your progess and dont go by how much your bucket filled with puke.

Focus on weight loss?

I realise there has to be some quantiative measurement and so the weight in these people should be measured. 

However, chances are you dont need to lose as much weight as them.  The less weight you need to lose = the LESS you need to be bothered about the scale weight, and more about the mirror.  

 Also, has anyone not noticed that more of the people who go in, end up putting  alot of the weight back on??

It’s too intensive to give people 4-6 hours exercise a day, away from their natural environment and expect them to think its the same living at home.  Thats like learning to become a professional table tennis player………..and then going out to play table tennis table shaped like a figure of 8




Check out the article in the members section:


Watch out for the slogans tonight, and Il see you next time!




PS  Tuesday Morning Bootcamp 9.30am was extra tough – just like last nights!   If you want a free trial – you just need to email me at .  



Valentines Day and Pancake Day – The World is Against Us!


I hope you enjoyed some time with loved ones last week………and didn’t go mad for the sake of it…….or restrict yourself too much if you are progressing at a rate you are happy with 🙂


The mind games we play with ourselves………..I find very interesting.

Sometimes we try to rationalise something ‘isn’t that bad’ (eg chocolate)………..and sometimes we lie to ourselves ‘ I worked really hard today’  (when really you KNOW you could have done more).

Then there’s the flip side.

Sometimes we restict ourselves to the point where it becomes ‘a pain’ to restict yourself that treat.  Or……. you train to the point of failure and increase the risk of serious injuries……time after time after time.

What I would like to suggest to you is a sense of balance.



Weight Loss

What do I mean?

If you’re happy with your progress (see saw is balanced), then keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re not happy with your progress (see saw towards too much bodyfat), then you need to make some changes.


The happier you are with your progress and nearer to your goal………….the greater margin of error you have!

Onto tonight!


Pancake day 


Yes, it was valentines day last week and now it’s pancake day.  The world is against us all!!!!


Does this mean you have to have 6 pancakes?  No.

Does this mean you need to abstain totally?  Again…..No.



It really does depend on your current situation and how happy you are at the moment.


Enjoy your week!




PS A Bootcamper has alerted me to an opportunity some of you may be interested in.  The may be a zip line event from the humber bridge  (details are sketchy at the moment).  Those involved are checking for numbers (wanting around 60 people) and I promised I would mention it.  Those wishing to participate would need a £30 deposit, and then raise a minimum of £100 for charity.   If you or you know someone whoi is interested…………email me at and Il put you in touch with the right people 🙂

Vicky from Hull Loses Weight and Drops a Dress Size (or 5?!)

What can I say?
One ice cold bootcamp in late January 2011, a young woman called Vicky came to her free bootcamp trial at our Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp.
Vicky got there early as I could run through some of the unusual exercises we do at bootcamp.  She was a little shy as she first saw me dragging about 80kg across a wet field ………and oddly I was smiling!


She found it really hard – as we really push the intensity very high for most of our sessions and this was no exception.  It was her first session so I adjusted weights and things so Vicky could break in to it with a little more ease.  I remember when she found that her left arm was a lot weaker than her right and struggled with overhead pressing a 15kg bar for about 4 reps! How things change!  

Here are her words…….

(Speaking after 3 weeks) I decided to finally do something about my weight at the beginnng of this year (2011). I have always had a massive insecurity and complex about my weight and it has prevented me from enjoying things like holidays, summer, swimming,  nights out etc.

I have tried slimming clubs in the past and whilst they did help me lose weight, they didn’t really do anything for my shape and it was also very easy to put the weight straight back on again when the diet got boring……..also, I don’t have the time to count calories and measure portions!

So, after seeing the terrible photos of myself after Christmas, I decided to sort myself out! I didn’t want to commit myself to joining a gym which I knew didn’t work for me as I have tried them before and I found them boring and wasn’t very good at self motivation! So, I looked on the internet and found John’s website about his bootcamp. He offered a free trial session to get a taster of what it would be like, which was great and meant I didn’t have to commit straight away.
The first morning I went I was very pleased to find that John was very welcoming and friendly. He wasn’t like the trainers you see on TV who shout at you and carry a whistle! Which was good for me! He asked questions about what I wanted to achieve and why. During the first session, instead of spending large amounts of time on cardio, we did interval type training and weights and John explained that this sort of training is very affective as it keeps the muscles working even after exercise has finished.
And, you don’t have to spend hours doing the same thing to acheive great results!  He gave me loads of info regarding the type diet I should be eating to help with weight loss and what I should be doing in between bootcamp sessions (and this was even before I had given him a penny!!)

‘In just three weeks I have lost 10lbs and amazingly dropped a dress size’

I now go John’s bootcamp sessions twice a week and have been for the past three weeks. In just three weeks I have lost 10lbs and amazingly dropped a dress size……which I am over the moon about!!!   I can see my shape is changing for the better……as opposed to just being a smaller version with the same horrible shape. I feel so much better eating a high protein, low carb diet, as I used to feel very sluggish and tired. Now I have so much more energy and I’m sleeping a lot better!
The Experience
The people at bootcamp are all very welcoming and encouraging and help to give me the motivation I need to help me work as hard as I can. I don’t feel self conscious (as I would at a gym) and I look forward to every session. John also gives me exercises I can do at home and gets in touch during the week to spure me on that little bit more. I am extremely greatful to John for his encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm, support and advice and I am so glad I joined his bootcamp!
I can tell that it’s more than just a job for him and he really enjoys it and genuinely wants to help! He is also willing to answer questions and gives as much advice as he can to help me achieve my goals. I still have a long way to go, but I know that sticking to what I’m doing and with John’s help I will eventually get to where I want to be!  John’s bootcamp is something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into shape and feel better! Thanks John!

(Speaking after 6 months)

After attending John’s bootcamp for 6 months, I am now extremely happy to say I have exceeded my initial goals!! I am over the moon!
When I started John’s bootcamp in January, I weighed an embarrassing 14stone 2lbs and was a very uncomfortable size 18/20…now I weigh 10stone 12lbs and have gone down to a very more acceptable and happy size 12/14. That’s 3stone 4lbs and approx 3 dress sizes. I NEVER thought that I would achieve this so quickly and ENJOY it! I have lost inches off my waist, hips, thighs and arms and I am so much more in proportion than I have ever been in my adult life. Also, my BMI rating has changed from ‘obese’ to ‘normal’.
My new goal is to get down to a size 10/12 and 10 stone (although, I don’t obsess over weight anymore, as I’m more concerned about how I look and feel!)
Joining John’s bootcamp is one of the best things I have ever done and I can’t imagine not doing it now. I  now see my fellow bootcampers and John as friends and I still look forward to every session.
I have proved that anything is possible and if you listen to people who know what they’re talking about, eat a sensible diet and put in the hard work, you can achieve your goals. I feel much more energetic and i’m amazed at how strong I have got in just 6 months.
I don’t feel self conscious anymore and I’m thrilled that I can shop in ‘normal’ shops and buy nice fashionable outfits for a change.
Looking at the before pictures of myself, I feel emarrassed and can’t believe I ever let myself get like that. I know that I will never be like that again and I’m so happy I made the decision to contact John.

I cannot wait to see what results the next 6 months bring. I can’t thank John enough for his help and encouragement. THANKYOU John :)

(Speaking after 1 year)

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for helping me achieve my 2011 New years relolution (the only one that I have ever stuck to)….I’ve lost 4 stone 8lbs last time I checked and I’m now size 10/12, compared to my start size of 18/20 :)


Vicky has been an absolute star – and the pic are evidence what she has achieved.  In training, she has become so much stronger too. That 15kg bar she struggled with at her first bootcamp?  Now its 25kg for REPS……..we re talking 8-12 or more reps.  She regularly lifts what some of the men do and is an all round top lass!

Well done Vicky!


Weight Loss – Are You Still Doing It? (Part 2)


You might have read part 1 of my article  “Weight Loss – Are You Still Doing It? (Part 1)” last week.  If not – click here and check it out or re-read it to make sure you’re up to speed 🙂

Here’s the next 5 simple tips to help you keep losing weight…..

6. Cut The Crap

Nearly everyone loves sweets. Its that sweetness that some people feel they just ‘need.’

But those sweets may be causing you to PACK ON THE POUNDS.

When you go shopping, stay on the outer aisles of the shop.

If you’re in the office and hungry – stick to nuts………and satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits. They provide you with vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary for weight loss – much better than sugar upon sugar.

I spoke about the crazy amounts of sugar in foods RIGHT HERE (click)

7. Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are nothing but a death trap in yourc quest for WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.

Cutting out fizzy drinks may help cut out unnecessary calories and TONS of sugar.

Diet drinks may not be any better.

Diet drinks may lead to metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases, like heart disease. Some studies have shown the ‘sweetness’ causes your body to act as if sugar was present – and lead to more calories consumed soon afterwards.

Your best bet would be to stay away from the frizzy drink and opt for a cold glass of water.


8. Develop A Plan

Nothing beats weight loss like having a plan.

A plan is such an important step in your weight loss process.

By developing a plan, you hold yourself accountable for your weight loss and eating patterns.

It can be even MORE POWERFUL if you share your plan with someone else.

This may BOOST weight loss and motivation to lose weight, now that SOMEONE ELSE is watching you – and maybe even joining you.

Start with a long term goal and start early!

Then break down those goals into smaller more manageable weekly goals.

When you accomplish your weekly goals, reward yourself for a job well done.

This may help you lose more weight and KEEP it off.

9. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most important meal of your day.

It is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism, keeping you energized throughout the day.

If I ever miss breakfast, and I have a client in at 6am – I am absolutely ravenous by 7.30am.  Don’t be ravenous and have nothing to crap to eat!  (see number 6 at top of the page!)….or you might end up like this guy……


10. Eat REAL food

Reading labels may help you make better food choices when you are shopping.

By learning what to look for on a label, you may empower yourself to change eating habits for you and your family.

What could be even better?

Foods that don’t need labels!

Foods like meats, fish, fruit etc. 

Food that you can pronounce has has one or 2 main ingredients is real food.  If it has 20 ingredients and they all are hard to spell – keep it on the shelf!


This simple tip may keep your waist line trim and increase your knowledge of what is going into your body.

 Wrap Up

So there you have it. 10 great simple tips to keep you rockin’ into March. 

By the way, some people would’ve thought the snow kept us from doing outdoor bootcamp.   It was -10 degrees at 7.45am, and had only got to -7 or so by the time the second bootcamp started.  Check out the view!



For those who don’t fancy the cold too much and are off during the daytime hours on a Tuesday………..You may fancy the 9.30am Tuesday morning bootcamp that is indoor. 

If you want a free trial and you’re keen to shape up for summer that bit early – drop me an email at and Il get back to you within 24 hours.



Weight Loss – Are You Still Doing It? (Part 1)

About this time of year, many people are on with their new years resolutions, yet many have failed to instil the habits that will literall change their lives.


They call it ‘falling off the wagon’.  Heres a quick top 10 of your 2012 weight loss Checklist – see if you’re still on it!


1. Don’t Skip Meals – Any Of Them

With your busy lifestyle, you may fall victim to missing a meal or two.

This may slow down your metabolism, possibly leading to WEIGHT GAIN.

Skipping meals may leave you hungrier so you may then OVEREAT.

And you may consume extra calories which won’t help you out if you’re after a lean shape.

Be sure to eat ALL your meals – even if a few nuts here and there.  It will keep you from eating a ton of food later on.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is essential to keep your fat burning firing at 100%.

When your body is dehydrated, it may take more energy to break down food and use it for energy.

And it takes even MORE work to burn off your FAT.

Plus, you simply feel better – and it may help your skin look and feel better.

3. Eat Plenty Of Protein

Protein is a vital nutrient you should include all meals where possible

Including protein may satisfy you longer than just eating a high-carbohydrate meal.

Plus, it takes your body more effort to break down protein, therefore, you may burn more calories simply by having more protein. After all – why did a certain slimming group suddenly decide that its not only the calories that are most important ……but now protein is very important too?


Protein also provides the building blocks your body needs to build lean muscle tissue.

Having MORE LEAN MUSCLE TISSUE may BOOST your metabolism and help you BURN calories – even when you are SLEEPING.

4. Start An Exercise Program

You know that exercise is good for you.

It can increase lean muscle tissue and it strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Exercise can burn extra calories.

Plus, it may keep burning those calories for DAYS AT A TIME. (Just look at the pics from Vicky and Kendra when doing Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp)

If you are just starting out, seek the help of a professional trainer to set you up on the appropriate plan for your weight loss goals.

You know it’s harder alone

5. Don’t stuff yourself

Monitoring your portions may be ONE of the easiest ways to lose weight.

Sticking with smaller portions, and avoiding seconds or thirds, may be the secret to keeping stubborn belly fat at bay.

Use a smaller plate and include lean proteins, and plenty of fruits and vegetables, and you may find your FAT just melting away.

Portion control is a KEY ingredient in the weight loss recipe. 

80% full is a good number to stick by.  You should also try this (CLICK)


Stay tuned for next weeks other 5 tips !





PS  If you like to exercise in the mornings, the Tuesday 9.30am class looks a little more pleasant than the saturday outdoor one…..until the snow clears!  Let me know if you want a free trial  😉

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Here’s The Situation….(Hull Personal Trainer Creates Quiz For You)

Hey Hope you’re having a good week…………You may want to have a go at the following problem. 


Eating For Fat Loss

Heres the situation………………..Your world is turned upside down. 

Your Fridge-freezer goes into melt down …….literally!


You can’t eat a yoghurt.

You can’t even make a cup of tea for your girlfriend as there’s no milk!

You actually realise the meaning of that phrase ” You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

A bit like when you wake up in a morning 😉

So, life goes on.
Do you……

A) Live off takeaways?


B) Starve to death?

C) Eat somewhere else eg. parents, friends or neighbours?


However, if your family meal looks as happily fake as this - something could be wrong!


Or, theres always secret option “D” …….to try and eat properly when you can!

Take for example, yesterday, I was a little stuck without the fridge. My post workout meal called for some carbs – and hey! The cupboard had just the thing.  Beans on toast!


Beans on toast gets a bad rap for being boring……….but those people didn’t use spices that make nearly any food that bit extra tasty 🙂



Might I add, that this was a post workout meal and I really don’t recommend eating bread every meal – much like the food pyramid:

Now, after Bootcamp last night (Which might I add a few Bootcampers said was the hardest one for a while) was a relief from some of the heavier strength work we have been doing  to give our joints a bit of a break, and overload the muscles a bit. 

I didn’t take part – and so was really not deserving of a high energy meal.

This is what went down in my kitchen………..

That’s right.

Eggs and vegetables. 

A great breakfast – and a great meal full stop.

No fridge required!!  Oh, and if you want to throw in the old ‘eggs are bad for you aren’t they?’  Then you can read my opinion here (click)

 If you are dead against ‘too many eggs’ ………then supplements might be useful for you:


Do I think protein drinks are necessary?  FIND OUT by clicking here

Needless to say – I was dead-set on getting this sorted AS SOON AS POSSIBLE….(unlike my car! Ha!) and voila!  I can now rest happy knowing that my meat, fruit and vegetables can be chilled for days on end.

So there you have it.  It’s not always doom and gloom, and when you have a gun pointed to your head – you can either find a way………..or find a reason to cave in and fall off the wagon. 

You probably know options than you think you do!


Extra Hour in Bed (Extra Bootcamp)


Saturday’s Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp has been really popular, and so have decided to put on an EXTRA BOOTCAMP on at 9.15am (at Hessle Rugby Club).  Some have already requested the slightly later slot – and there’s still space on both Bootcamps. 

If you work hard all week and want to take advantage of that extra hour in bed – the 9.15am class could be for you. Be quick to make sure you’re assured a place 🙂