Working Backwards With Losing Fat


Not a good start for me as my van shut down on Saturday 40 minutes before Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp started  🙁  .   Just as well I always set off ahead of time as I had to leg it like Forrest Gump to the nearest Taxi rank!


Today I thought I’d drop some musings on the fact that losing body fat – is definitely WORTH IT……however……….it can take longer than you think.

Often, I’ll have someone in front of me (or at a social gethering or whatever)……..and they want to lose fat to look better.  Sometimes its just for generally looking better – but sometimes it for a special occasion. 

A holiday.

A reunion.  

A wedding.


After all – who doesn’t want to look their best on their wedding day?

These occasions give a date and a deadline to work to.  When you set a goal – deadlines are important – like I highlighted why you need to be S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (CLICK TO READ THIS ARTICLE)


This is useful………but you probably know what happens.  We DON’T LEAVE ENOUGH TIME

Say you want to lose 2 stone, and you have 1 month to do it in.  That’s going to be pretty tough if you’re say 2-4 stone overweight………….(it could be done easily if you re 10-15 stone overweight like on The Biggest Loser TV programme).  


A simpler way might be to use a steady 2lbs-a-week method (not a bad average), and just backtrack.  So if you want to lose 10lbs……give yourself AT LEAST 5 weeks.  You won’t be disappointed, as you’ve not given yourself much chance (if you ‘ve not given yourself enough time). 

 The leaner you are – the less you will lose.

It’s January now……….summer holidays are not THAT far away.  Make the decision early (click to read why) and start NOW.

You know what I hate hearing?  When people say “I dont want to start yet…I just want to get a bit fitter first………then I’ll start. ”

You know you need to start early.