The Average Gym Go-er


We are nearly one week into the new year – I hope you’re still ‘on it’ ………doing something to take you forward, but not too much that it breaks you in 2 weeks! 🙂

Don’t people know that the Tortoise always wins?!


Even though we train more like a hare…………there is NOTHING more important than consistency – in which I outlined RIGHT HERE (click)

The past Month

So in December,  I figured I would have some quiet time in a sauna and steam room etc at a local gym.
I trained at Your Next Level Fitness within Hessle Rugby Club – and then would nip to the sauna to relax. After all – It has been a busy year!

One day though, I thought I’d head upstairs and train in the gym just before…….just to compare………


No problem, it was a saturday afternoon, so not many people about. Decent amount of equipment, fairly clean etc.


Then it hit me……..


They only had 1 barbell, and all the weights were being used by the guy on the smith machine 🙁

Yes, that machine which will not be the best for your back, hips, or shoulders if you are doing large (important) movements.


I substituted some dumbells for shoulder presses and rows instead – but i sure did miss my heavy deadlifts that day.  Not quite as heavy as Brian Shaw in World strongest man over Xmas – you might have seen it?


No big deal, eh?!
A major thing that hit home though……….was that there was no ATMOSPHERE.
.    ‘Top 40 music’ (so we re talkin’ X factor winners and runners up)
.    Adverts on TV screens
.    TV’s in general (so mind-numbing and sap your concentration)
This drained on me and I ended up making everything more of a circuit rather than a strength training day just so I could get the hell out of there.


I tell you one thing though…
If you have trained somewhere with any type of hardcore vibe…
Whether it be a personal training session, a Bootcamp, even a group exercise class like body pump or combat etc………..
It is very hard to ever feel the same in a regular Gym.


My best advice is to do what you WILL ACTUALLY DO.
If you KNOW you’re bored in the gym – don’t join one!   I know it’s new year, and it’s time to change, a new you ……and blah blah blah…..!!

If you have joined before and hardly went……what’s going to change this time?  



You need to enjoy it. The atmosphere, the feeling you get when you have achieved something – without even thinking about it!

I know that when I get some pumping tunes (be it rock, or dance or whatever)……it make me want to train.  


I only had a bar and some weights at home………….put I could put on some loud heavy music.  Not seen the vid from last Xmas?  Click here


A Summary

So – if you need to slap on the tunes to train, then do it. If thats not enough – then maybe the gym isn’t for you.  

While I am biased – I do think bootcamps (when programmed properly) are an excellent choice.
The Bootcamps I run have become so popular that there is a NEW mid-morning bootcamp (Tuesday at 9.30am) – if you want a free trial  then hit the button below and shoot me and email.
What have you got to lose?



PS If you don’t know already – we DON’T DO AVERAGE. We focus on being THE BEST. The best-designed best programs. We deliver the best workouts. We have developed the best community atmosphere. —–>






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