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The Biggest Loser Update!


I’m a little stressed this week with transport trouble – but Im still trhiving off the energy from my bootcampers last night this morning!  Death by rower!






This week I just wanted to cast your eye to some TV tonight. I know I shouldn’t…..but I know you probably watch it anyway! 



I wrote a full article about it a long time ago and it’s still relevant as it was back then. 

The Biggest Loser – Who actually wins?

If you want to know:

1. Why they lose so much weight

2. Why fat and muscle are different

3. About some ALARMING PREVIOUS CONTESTANTS who REGAINED a lot of the fat back…… 

Then click the link to read!  —–>  The Biggest Loser – Who actually wins?






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Working Backwards With Losing Fat


Not a good start for me as my van shut down on Saturday 40 minutes before Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp started  🙁  .   Just as well I always set off ahead of time as I had to leg it like Forrest Gump to the nearest Taxi rank!


Today I thought I’d drop some musings on the fact that losing body fat – is definitely WORTH IT……however……….it can take longer than you think.

Often, I’ll have someone in front of me (or at a social gethering or whatever)……..and they want to lose fat to look better.  Sometimes its just for generally looking better – but sometimes it for a special occasion. 

A holiday.

A reunion.  

A wedding.


After all – who doesn’t want to look their best on their wedding day?

These occasions give a date and a deadline to work to.  When you set a goal – deadlines are important – like I highlighted why you need to be S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (CLICK TO READ THIS ARTICLE)


This is useful………but you probably know what happens.  We DON’T LEAVE ENOUGH TIME

Say you want to lose 2 stone, and you have 1 month to do it in.  That’s going to be pretty tough if you’re say 2-4 stone overweight………….(it could be done easily if you re 10-15 stone overweight like on The Biggest Loser TV programme).  


A simpler way might be to use a steady 2lbs-a-week method (not a bad average), and just backtrack.  So if you want to lose 10lbs……give yourself AT LEAST 5 weeks.  You won’t be disappointed, as you’ve not given yourself much chance (if you ‘ve not given yourself enough time). 

 The leaner you are – the less you will lose.

It’s January now……….summer holidays are not THAT far away.  Make the decision early (click to read why) and start NOW.

You know what I hate hearing?  When people say “I dont want to start yet…I just want to get a bit fitter first………then I’ll start. ”

You know you need to start early.




Not Your Average Bootcamp


If you saw last weeks blog post (click) …’ll know that I HATE average………and that I pride my Bootcamp near Hull to be well thought out, organised, and have a positive vibe to getting the best out of people 🙂




I wanted to draw your attention to a personal trainer from across the pond – the USA!  His name is Steve Long, and he wrote recently about his experience at another bootcamp he went and tried out.

I found it really interesting and I hope you do too!

By the way, if you attend my bootcamp…………or you have attended a bootcamp in hull that was distinctly average…..or downright dangerous……”ll probably smile 🙂


The Bootcamp Experience



The other day I was invited by someone to attend a bootcamp that they had been doing.  I gladly accepted the invitation because I saw that this could be a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about what is out there, and maybe have a little fun in the process.

Now as someone who has been running “bootcamps” for over 2 years and doing personal training for 8 plus years I know a little bit about how to execute group training.  I’ve never actually attended a bootcamp before I started my bootcamp, but I’ve heard plenty about other bootcamps and I wanted to experience the difference between the norm and what I was calling bootcamp.  This process has led me to consider not calling my bootcamp by that name any longer.  Here is why.


My alarm goes off at 5 AM to wake me up for the workout, which is no biggie for me, I’m used to it.  Although, I would have rather done an afternoon workout, I can understand that a lot of people like to get their workouts in early so I was glad to join this group of go-getters for an early workout.

I show up early at the freezing cold park where the workout takes place to meet the instructor and fill out some paperwork.  I understand paperwork is completely necessary to get to know your clients.  I realized quickly however that I could’ve just slept in an extra 15 minutes because the instructor didn’t get there until about 5 minutes prior to the workout beginning.  The instructor gave me a sheet of paper to fill out.  Contact info, how I heard of the bootcamp, and if I’d had a heart attack lately were the depth of these questions.  I was a little upset to see that after I gave the instructor the sheet of paper I had just filled out he just said thank you and put it in pile along with the other new peoples sheets. He didn’t even look at it.  What was the point of the health history if you aren’t going to look at it, but oh well; I’m healthy, so lets move on.

By this time I’m already a little skeptical, but willing to put it aside to get a good workout on.  Ugh, I’ll make this quick.  The workout consisted of the following:

1. Running laps around the park for 10 minutes
2. Forming a line and doing random amounts of pushups, burpees, jumping jacks, squats, and lunges.  I love all of those exercises, but the programming left a lot to be desired.
3. Running laps and taking breaks to do more jumping jacks, jumping on park benches, more pushups, and more burpees.
4. We finally ended with about 20,000 sit-ups, crunches, and more mountain climbers.

Even better yet, I had a non certified trainer who was a drill sergeant want-to-be, yelling at me the entire time telling me to work harder.  Naturally when I started getting too tired to do the some of the exercises in good form I dropped down to an easier regression of the exercise. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt, but that’s a no go in this bootcamp.  Work hard and do what everyone else is doing in bad form maggot!   That’s what it takes to get results.  Sure, if the results you are looking for is bad posture and injury.  This guy either didn’t know what good form was, or just didn’t care.

To give the bootcamp some credit however, everyone was working his or her butt off, and it was really cheap.


Group Personal Training
Leaving that bootcamp made me realize that I had to write this article.  I had to let people know there is a better way to train large groups, but still get people to work hard, and work smart at the same time.  I’ve been working hard over the last few years with some of the best in the industry like BJ Gaddour, Mike Robertson, Jared Woolever, Pat Rigsby, the people at FMS, and many others and have found a better way to train groups.

So what is the difference between “bootcamp” and group personal training?  It’s huge.  Lets begin.

Assessments:  Having someone fill out a piece of paper and throw it into a pile without looking at it is a disgrace.   I will also go over the client’s health history and goals with them to make sure we know exactly what they want and exactly what they need.

Typically Inside: Workouts don’t have to be inside to be good, but it sure is nice.  It also allows you to be able to have access to lots of strength training equipment, which is essential in a well-rounded training program.

Exercise Progressions:  Everyone is different and everyone has different needs.  If you aren’t going to do an assessment (which is crazy) you at least need to have different levels of difficulty for each exercise.  At the bootcamp I tried to regress, but was yelled at.  In group PT you are praised for being smart if you drop down.  It’s about working as hard as you can at the appropriate level for your body.

Certified Personal Trainers:  If someone who can’t put in the effort to get certified is training you please run as fast as you can away from that bootcamp.

Well Thought Out Programs:  Random workouts that change by the minute may be fun, but if you want a real program that produces results it should follow some sort of training guidelines.  You get results by learning exercises and tracking your progress. If you are just doing random exercises you will get random results.  Programs should be based on your needs to get you the results you are looking for.  How is a random workout going to give the 50 different people in the bootcamp the same results when each person is different?

Less People in the Workout:  One coach can’t train 50+ people well.  Indoor group PT typically has less people to make sure the coach can correct your form so you can improve.

Nutrition Intervention:  I know a lot of group personal trainers and almost all of them include some sort of nutrition information or nutrition counseling in their programs.  If nutrition is forgotten in your bootcamp, forget that bootcamp.

All of the Benefits of Bootcamp Without All of the Negatives:  Outdoor bootcamps can be fun, low cost, and provide group support.  That is the draw of bootcamps in the first place.  Group PT offers all of these benefits without any of the drawbacks that I discussed above.

This article has been a long time coming.  Anyone who knows me understands my strong dislike for generic crap training like the bootcamp I attended.  It’s my mission in life to increase the quality of group training in America. I hope this article will make a small splash in that happening.   I know the readers of this blog will understand the importance, so if you know anyone that may like this article please share it with them.  If each person who reads this makes a vow to increase the quality of his or her bootcamps and/or group training I know I’ve begun to make the difference I’m trying so hard to make.  Thank your for reading and for going the extra mile to do what is right.

Steve Long


When I read this – I couldn’t help but nod and smile.

I have heard of instructors be so late and unorganised it’s simply pathetic……and thats not even the worst part!

Simply doing lots of running laps, press ups and sit ups is a posture disaster waiting to happen


So there you have it – another instructors viewpoint.


If you’re currently training at a bootcamp in the hull area …..simply asking why you are doing the exercises and if there are any alternatives is a good start!


‘Til next time!



PS Bootcamper Vicky has just sent me some new before and after pics.  Vicky has lost several dress sizes!!!    She said she achieved her 2011 New Years resolution (the only one she’s stuck to)……..      Vickys hard work + proper planning = some great after pics!   You can check ’em out by CLICKING HERE



The Average Gym Go-er


We are nearly one week into the new year – I hope you’re still ‘on it’ ………doing something to take you forward, but not too much that it breaks you in 2 weeks! 🙂

Don’t people know that the Tortoise always wins?!


Even though we train more like a hare…………there is NOTHING more important than consistency – in which I outlined RIGHT HERE (click)

The past Month

So in December,  I figured I would have some quiet time in a sauna and steam room etc at a local gym.
I trained at Your Next Level Fitness within Hessle Rugby Club – and then would nip to the sauna to relax. After all – It has been a busy year!

One day though, I thought I’d head upstairs and train in the gym just before…….just to compare………


No problem, it was a saturday afternoon, so not many people about. Decent amount of equipment, fairly clean etc.


Then it hit me……..


They only had 1 barbell, and all the weights were being used by the guy on the smith machine 🙁

Yes, that machine which will not be the best for your back, hips, or shoulders if you are doing large (important) movements.


I substituted some dumbells for shoulder presses and rows instead – but i sure did miss my heavy deadlifts that day.  Not quite as heavy as Brian Shaw in World strongest man over Xmas – you might have seen it?


No big deal, eh?!
A major thing that hit home though……….was that there was no ATMOSPHERE.
.    ‘Top 40 music’ (so we re talkin’ X factor winners and runners up)
.    Adverts on TV screens
.    TV’s in general (so mind-numbing and sap your concentration)
This drained on me and I ended up making everything more of a circuit rather than a strength training day just so I could get the hell out of there.


I tell you one thing though…
If you have trained somewhere with any type of hardcore vibe…
Whether it be a personal training session, a Bootcamp, even a group exercise class like body pump or combat etc………..
It is very hard to ever feel the same in a regular Gym.


My best advice is to do what you WILL ACTUALLY DO.
If you KNOW you’re bored in the gym – don’t join one!   I know it’s new year, and it’s time to change, a new you ……and blah blah blah…..!!

If you have joined before and hardly went……what’s going to change this time?  



You need to enjoy it. The atmosphere, the feeling you get when you have achieved something – without even thinking about it!

I know that when I get some pumping tunes (be it rock, or dance or whatever)……it make me want to train.  


I only had a bar and some weights at home………….put I could put on some loud heavy music.  Not seen the vid from last Xmas?  Click here


A Summary

So – if you need to slap on the tunes to train, then do it. If thats not enough – then maybe the gym isn’t for you.  

While I am biased – I do think bootcamps (when programmed properly) are an excellent choice.
The Bootcamps I run have become so popular that there is a NEW mid-morning bootcamp (Tuesday at 9.30am) – if you want a free trial  then hit the button below and shoot me and email.
What have you got to lose?



PS If you don’t know already – we DON’T DO AVERAGE. We focus on being THE BEST. The best-designed best programs. We deliver the best workouts. We have developed the best community atmosphere. —–>

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