I can tell you’ re eagerly awaiting your second installment from ‘ The best bits of 2011. ‘  If you missed it (or simply want a recap) – you can catch up to speed by CLICKING HERE. 

 On with Part 2!


CLICK HERE to watch the most powerful video I saw this year

Sometimes we really need to be reminded how lucky we are.


7.  Make The Decision EARLY – Like On A Barge!

This post shows that making decisions earlier is often better.


8.  Does Running Make You Fat?

This newspaper article in the Independent highlighted what I have been saying for years……aerobic exercise is not an efficient way to burn body fat. 

Don’t agree?  READ HERE —->  http://www.yournextlevelfitness.co.uk/?p=1838

It caused a bit of a stir.


9. Kendra and Vicky’s transformations in 2011 were particularly outstanding.


You can read their own words HERE: 

What’s great is that they both did simple things – and worked hard at them.

They both:

1. Knew it would talk months rather than days (and so planned early in advance)

2. Worked hard at the exercise

3. Made some sacrifices with foods

4. Did all this consistently.  (There was even a running joke that until October, Vicky had actually attended more bootcamps than me!)


10. Resolutions For 2012, What I Have Learned in 2011 And More!


In 2011, I learned a hell of a lot.  I moved out of a big gym, I put a lot into Bootcamp – and helped many people.  Read on by clicking HERE!



By the way, you know it’s new year.  Many people DO NOT complete their New Years Resolution. 


  Resolutions require only words. Results take action


There’s a NEW Women’s Bootcamp at 9.30am on Tuesdays. Are YOU going to to take action…….or will be a case of “I think I need to get fit first?”    Here’s some advice:

If it’s a little bit scary to think about starting – it means its going to be important – and you’ll be more likely to succeed. 

Your choice!


Before I forget………Happy new year!