The Best of 2011


I hope you had a very Merry Xmas and Santa brought you all you asked for…….


We had family and friends round….and with cooking for 7 people, we got 2 turkey crowns just in case.  We had a massive amount left over………I had turkey mushrooms and tomatoes with spices for breakfast on boxing day!


Today, I thought I would drop you the best bits of 2011 to come out of a personal trainer! 

1. KISS  = Keep It Simple Stupid

So CLICK HERE to read a simple list (at the bottom) of exercises that if you simply get stronger at – you will notice your physique improve.

2. The Biggest Loser – What Did We Learn?

So CLICK HERE to find out what we learned from this dramatic program


3. Get a 2nd Opinion!   (With good Joke)



So CLICK HERE to see why you should ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion (And never remove your testicles!)   If you haven’t read this – you are missing out.


4. Advice From The Best Personal Trainers


So CLICK HERE to see some of the sound advice fom some of the best personal trainers and health experts in the world.  I saw these coaches and presenters at regular seminars I attend every year – It is essential to keep learning and re-learning things that will help my clients.


5. Your Next Level Fitness – The Birth!

This is the video of the studio literally being re-born!



 Part 2 to follow…..(!)





















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