Resolutions For 2012, What I Have Learned in 2011 And More!


It’s that time of year where we start to reflect on the year thats just passed……

……and try to look ahead with a positive outlook

Which are you going to pick? 😉

 This quick post is going to detail,  specifically, what I have learned from the year 2011…….and what I hope to achieve in 2012 – and maybe nudge you to think about what you will do too.  

1)  I learned that:

I am extremely grateful to have the best Bootcamp in the Hull area -and that the people who make up the group are simply ACE! Even when I am being playing my role is as BAD SANTA!

2)  I learned that:

I have managed to pick up my acoustic guitar once in a while (which makes me relax and enjoy the time) – this is great for kicking back………but not doing much to improve my skill.  I really need to get out my electric and start playing some Metallica more often.  By the way – check out how close I got to Robert Trujillo in Sheffield a while back.


3) I learned that:

 I have learned that as you grow older, it can get harder…….or it can get easier…….. to say ‘NO’ to something you wouldn’t necessarily do.  Don’t let anyone pull you down – providing you do actually want to go for it.

4) I learned that:

 I learned that exercising in a group of like-minded people is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than before. (I thought it was bloody important then!)


5) I learned that:

 I learned that I still stick by my nutritional strategies of nutrient timing……….yet there is some research coming out about missing meals that could be beneficial for fat loss.  (While I don’t think this is for EVERYONE……..It could work for you).  I really think personality traits can help you decide whats right for you.  It could be as SIMPLE AS THIS (you can do it for free!) =

6) I learned that:

 I learned a bunch of top quotes….. probably my favourite 2 are

“Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable”      (You only move forward by pushing boundaries)

“Readers are leaders”                      (You need to keep learning – because things are ALWAYS changing)


7) I learned that:

 Speaking of which, I learned that reading a little bit every day has got that bit easier – BECAUSE I MAKE TIME FOR IT. If it’s important to you – you’ll make time. We all have the same 24 hours – what do you do with yours?


My predictions!

Followed by My (kind-of)  Resolution………..more like a behaviour tweak!

1) PREDICTION  Big gyms will still focus on getting as many people into their doors………….and not significantly improve the percentage of people succeeding to lose body fat.


RESOLUTION  To continue to deliver top drawer experience and results with my personal training and Bootcamp clients.

2) PREDICTION Pixie Lott will be wearing less clothes and pushing the boundaries of what constitutes family viewing on MTV, The Hits, and VIVA music channels.


Not a bad thing …….might I add.

RESOLUTION = To Make time to watch this sort of filth…………I mean…..erm…………turn the TV off and read something productive 😉

3) PREDICTION   Gym memberships at big gyms will get even cheaper.

We’re in the midst of tough economic times. Big gyms have a notoriously bad reputation for not focussing on the results end of things……..and that’s why people often join a gym in the first place!  The way that gyms can improve membership numbers (and their profits) without making a lot more effort on guiding people through tough processes to lose weight – is by making it more affordable.  This is a big plus really!


 RESOLUTION = To applaud this – as people need less excuses to go and exercise – and this EXCUSE comes up all the time.

3) PREDICTION    More Fitness Trainers people will start up a Bootcamp, when really………………. it’s ‘just another class.’   You can probably get this sort of class at a low-end gym for a lot less – and the same exercises, the same quality of instructor, and the same experience. It’s just called ‘Bootcamp’ because that’s what the guys in suits deem a popular buzz-word right now

   If you’re ever in doubt, they should offer a free trial for you to sample what you sign up for………Just like we do with Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp on Hessle Rugby Club Playing Field. That way, you can see the quality in coaching, personnel, experience……….all first-hand. 

RESOLUTION  = To maintain a high quality Bootcamp, which encourages a sound nutrition and exercise plan, electric atmosphere and hard work ethic to keep my Bootcampers, happy and healthy 🙂

4) PREDICTION   There will be a big emphasis on more ‘functional’ exercises. 

Equipment like kettlebells, bands, olympic exercises may make a bit of a wave – and people will need to watch out because….

4’b’) PREDICTION     Without due care and coaching – accidents CAN and WILL HAPPEN

I actually tore ligaments playing football (cuppies of all things!).  Weightlifting is one of the safest activities around(check out when I tore ankle ligaments + and some stats on weight lifting accidents =

WHEN THERE IS PROPER COACHING, PROPER SUPERVISION, and a calm head.  Some guys with a ton of testosterone tend to go a bit gung ho and sometimes need to know theres always tomorrow and the rest of the week to lift!

RESOLUTION = To keep to my beliefs that part of being ‘functional’ is simply by being strong.  I won’t be swayed by shoulder pressing 4kg kettlebells on inflatable objects be carried out when the person in question cannot shoulder press 8kg.

5) PREDICTION  In the quest for getting ‘functional’ – people if not getting injured, will just p*ss about ———-unbeknownst to them!

                                                                                 A trainer Intentionally doing something random…..I’m sure you’ll see this in Jan 2012!

 Anything can be functional – what is it you want to do?!

6) PREDICTION   People will still struggle to lose fat

Its not like theres not not enough information out there.  Just go to AMAZON, type fat loss, weight loss, etc in – and just see how many searches you get. Just for kicks – I did it for the term ‘fat loss’ ………………and at the point i did it there were….. 6,928!  


We don’t need that much more information.  Yes, there are things people do not know…………..but really – people know – they re just not disciplined to be doing the things that will help them.   So, decide whether it’s more information you need – before you go out and buy a new video or book on fat loss without entertaining the idea IT COULD JUST BE THAT YOU RE NOT MAKING TIME FOR SOME EXERCISE AND PLANNING DECENT FOODS.


So, there you have it – one mega long post, a load of things that I have learned – and will probably come to re-learn in the next 12 months!  

Have a Merry Xmas – and love it as it won’t be like this again (everything changes!)







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