Eating For Fat Loss

It’s nearly Christmas – and I have got some EXCELLENT ADVICE for you to fight the force that is excess food and drink – so you can ENJOY the merry season – without putting too much damage to your body.   By the way, does everyone know the best way to spread christmas cheer?   It’s to sing loud for all to hear!


Top film on Sunday night – hope you saw it, or have seen it 🙂

Onto the meat and potatoes………..

You’ll know by now – I stick by reliable methods for looking better and performing better.

Using time efficiently, plenty of water and of course strength training and intervals for cardio.

But did you know that you can could help yourself LOSE WEIGHT faster by how FAST you EAT?

                                                                                                                                          “Say what now?!”

Have you ever wolfed down your evening meal, and then want a second helping – and then a chocolate bar or crisps?  Theres a big problem that occurs when you eat really quickly – your body hasnt had time to decide whether you are full or not!!




Researchers from a study in 2008 looked at the effects of eating speed and energy intake.  The results may leave you a little surprised.

The ‘quick eater group’ took in an average of 645 calories while the slow eaters took in considerably less calories.

The ‘slow eater group’ only took in 579 calories. 

Water consumption also was quite different – Quick eaters averaged 289g of water while slow eaters took in 409g!

 Although the study was not really looking at the quality of foods – this may strike a chord with you and help you towards your goal. 80 Calories per meal might not sound like a lot – but some people in the study consumed 150 calories less!  If I were you, I would try to make an effort to make sure you eat your food in plenty of time, and relax and enjoy the meal.

So, while not ground breaking news – a little less food without you hardly noticing could be a strategy for you to manipulate with all these Xmas parties out in Hull coming up!  I myself consciously try to chew my food and enjoy it – and as always …..get my strength and interval training in beforehand 🙂 



Have a good week,








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