If You Are 30 And Over… You Might Want To Read This

Hey!  Is it that time of year already???!!!

You may know by now, that I really rate strength training as a tool for looking and feeling better.


When you are stronger you:

1. Have a lot more confidence (because you are stronger than others!)
2. Are a more athletic shape (due to the positive effect strength training has on particular hormones)
3. Feel better in everyday life (because when you lift things, they feel easier than if you were weak)

This means you probably feel less tired (Compare lifting things that feel ‘medium’ compared to feeling ‘heavy’)

You re probably wondering why I mentioned in the title about whether you are 30 or not?   I am 28, and when it comes to things in the 80’s………my memory is a bit hazy.  For example, If someone asks about 80’s bands like Bros, WHAM! or some random music question.  Bands from the  90’s I’m pretty good at!

                                                                                                                             Sometimes…..it’s best you just missed out


Anyway, so if you’re over 30, you probably have a good grasp of what the 80’s were like.

This means you are probably more brain washed than younger people!

Why do I say this? 

During the 80’s, there were more research experiments on aerobics than strength training.  So, if you wanted to lose weight, the prescription was:
Low fat or no fat
Calories in vs calories out  (So eat less and less…..and less…..)
1-3 hour marathon exercise sessions (to burn more…..and more…. and more…..)
‘Go for the burn’
Lycra is a must!!!!



Ok, so maybe all guys didnt have spandex



Ok not ALL guys…….


Times have radically changed, we have a lot more information (although we re still fatter than we were)

If we re informed(You’re in the right place) many of us now:
Dont discount fat totally – and realise there are different types of fat (Some even argue the benefits of saturated fat)
We dont count calories, (we tweak as we go)  – If it’s working, keep doing it!
Have short intense and frequent exercise sessions that provide a better hormonal environment
We don’t wear lycra



                                                                                                                                  (O.K……..so lycra is out and baggy trousers are in?!)


The fact remains, a lot of mis-information still circulates.  They will  become ‘old wives tails’ and maybe perpetuate on for another generation (or 5).   I still have people ask me about eggs and that you shouldnt have more then 2 a week.  This blog post about how many ‘Easter Eggs’ I ate (click!!!!!! http://www.yournextlevelfitness.co.uk/?p=749 )  might put you straight.

My Calorie article might help iron out some issues that still linger about (click to read!!!  http://www.yournextlevelfitness.co.uk/?p=621 )

                                                                                                                                      Its low calorie so it must be good!!


So there you have it.  You might have been told:

Not to consume more than 2 eggs a week or something,
To run, run and run some more (because distance runners are light and skinny)
To count calories ad nauseam

If you’ve been doing this, and its not working for you……then why not try out a radical 180 degree turn?

Eat plenty of protein, and less non-foods (like sugary cereals, chocolates, crisps, cakes)
Weight train and try to lift more each session or week
Use your time to plan, rather than count what you eat (You can’t change the past)

What have you got to lose?!










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