These Guys Were Ripped

 Hey up!!

Its been about a year since I got back from sunny Tenerife –  this chilly weather will soon become ice cold freezing brass monkeys! Make me realise why I try to get away this time of year 🙂

                                                                                                                                        Spot the difference….

When I was there, there was an act on every night, and on one of the nights – there were 4 gymnastics.

If you didn’t see the post I wrote – CLICK HERE 

These guys were RIPPED……………… I mean SUPER RIPPED.

There were so lean, and it wasn’t all show – they definitely walked the talk.  It reminded me of when I went to see the film ‘The Expendables”….and wrote about how big and powerful Terry Crews with his Euro Training was (Click to see those vids again

Theres a difference between looking like you can lift a lot and actually being able to do a lot.   That’s why during our Bootcamp and Personal training sessions at Hessle Rugby Club – we aim to improve performance AS WELL AS our appearance.
Look at most elite athletes, and they are lean, strong – and the lean look they have is a by-product of their training methods.

So when I see things like power plate adverts,

 or shake weight…..

Even if they do work (which by now you probably know that I don’t believe they do!) ………..wheres the performance aspect?

What good is it to have big arms if you can’t deadlift something (like a settee or a chest of drawers) up some stairs?

What good is it being a stone lighter………..if get out of breath going up some stairs? 
Once you master your own body weight – you can do wonders………check this ‘I go- You go’ video when I got cherry picked from the crowd to get on stage.  Watch out for my back flip….(click for the video)


Yeah, I havent done a back flip since I was like 12 when I did gymnastics……wise not to start in front of about 80 people!

Press ups, chin ups, and tumbling, cart wheeling forward rolls etc……all make a difference to performance much more than you’d realise 😉

Have a good week, and watch out for freezing brass monkeys!







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