“This Helps The Medicine Go Down”


Just a quick one today as I’ve been super busy lately – I have been either creating programs for clients, coaching the actual sessions, or coaching one of my Maximum Metabolism bootcamps.  It appears some Bootcampers have a new ‘most hated exercise!’


I managed to squeeze in a trip to Anfield on Saturday – sickening not to get 3 points after hitting the woodwork 3 times. GUTTED!

Anyway, Sundays result brough the smile back to my face! This pic says it all……


Today I just wanted to highlight a post I did around this time last year……….just before one of the massive sugar holidays of the year….HALLOWEEN!


Yes, you can checkout my blog post from last year by CLICKING HERE. You ll find a visual of how much sugar is in a milkshake, some of your favourite chocolate bars and some beverages you might often consume.  

I just wanted to tack on the end some other interesting things you might want to consider when trick or treating this week weekend or next Monday

1. Obesity is linked heavily to sugar consumption.

 Although the number of bags of sugar is going down………..we’re actually eating more!  Fizzy drinks, crappy food  -you know what it is.  Check this out from way back  http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,682864,00.html 

2. I mentioned here in my popular Calorie Conundrum Article, that while calories are going down, and activity levels on the rise – we as a nation are still getting fatter!

3. Top Holistic practitioner Paul Chek states that your chances of the following skyrocket with increased sugar:

Kidney Disease

Liver Disease

Coronary Heart Disease

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Yeast overgrowth

and many more!!

All in all, while it’s not the end of the world to have the odd sweet………..don’t let yourself (and your body) get ‘tricked’ by the sugar highs!!!

Have a good week….


PS There’s some pretty cool pics of me dressed up for Halloween in last years blog post.  Took a while to get coloured up!






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