Toning Shoes


I can’t keep this a secret any more.  Im literally peeing my pants.

Have you not heard?  There are some shoes that can ACTUALLY burn fat from your bum, your thighs and calves!!!!  This is like THE BEST THING EVER!

 Why didn’t I think of this?

See for yourself – this hot model reveals all.  Even the camera guy cant believe how her arse got so damn toned!!!!!  (Click the pic to watch this 30sec clip)


But wait…….



Time to wake up…….

On September 28, it was announced that Reebok settled a $25 million claim with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding their EasyTone and RunTone shoes. 

You can read all about it right here:   (Click to read the full story)

 These shoes came out a while ago……… and were designed to be slightly unstable. The designers claim this instability makes the wearer work harder and therefore they are able to strengthen muscles that are used for stability and provide extra “tone.” According to the FTC, these claims are unsupported and cannot be proven.

I was shocked!

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t THAT shocked.

Also,  Skechers has also acknowledged that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and FTC are investigating advertisements on their line of Shape-ups shoe. Skechers tried to prove that the Shape-up shoe allowed a wearer to burn 2 calories per minute more than a traditional running shoe. However, it is thought that the real reason is not because they are unstable……..they help the wearer burn more calories simply because they weigh more! That’s right, if you wear heavier shoes while you run and workout, you have to work harder. Work harder, burn more calories.

Is this not what we already know?  Work harder, burn more calories.

Andy lifting some weights – and they have been heavier recently!

Its such a shame many fall for this gimmicky stuff, and todays society, in particular the youth of today( ….. with me not trying to sound like an old man myself!)  want everything YESTERDAY, with as little effort put in as possible

You get out what you put in, multiplied.

 This comes back to you in the long term 10-fold, and is much better than relying on quick-fix crap.  It’s hard because you see so many ‘celebrities’ who are famous for the sake of being famous and don’t have that much talent – if any at  all.


‘Nuff said.

We live in world where people will attempt to ‘brainwash’ you with certain ideas.   Sometimes, its just a case of stepping back and seeing if you believe them. I do know one thing:

If it’s worth having… will definitely take some sort of sacrifice and hard work

In looking better, this us usually some foods, some exercise, and a positive way of thinking.

  Maybe Reebok will need to ‘tone down’ their advertising budget soon……ha!

Have a great week,







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