Something That Could be Killing your Fat Loss


Here’s a quick post that highlights something that could be seriously sabotaging your fat loss / weight loss efforts.


Yes I know.  It’s a simple one.  You might hardly watch TV.  Or……you might be watching it a bit more than you realise……………….

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It states that most britons watch 4 hours of TV a day!!!



Bearing in mind that we’re awake, say, 12-16 hours and many people work 8 hours (9-10 hours with travelling)…………It’s quite an alarming statistic. (Il point out here that you could argue some stats are based on TV usage, and could be just ‘on’ in the background). Either way, Im sure most if us could all do to watch a little less… top Blogger and Author Seth Godin    writes here:

“The thing is, watching TV has its benefits. It excuses you from the responsibility of having an informed opinion about things that matter. It gives you shallow opinions or false ‘facts’ that you can easily parrot to others that watch what you watch. It rarely unsettles our carefully self-induced calm and isolation from the world.”


Check Seth’s full post (and rant!) about TV be CLICKING HERE)

You can see what he means, as X factor again sweeps the nation (I wrote about recently)……but this time Simon Cowell isnt making people’s decisions for them.

Anyway, Here are some tips to try:

Get your Training on!
I often say that the hardest part of the day is trying to get up once you have sat down after a long day at work.. Maybe this is the right time to be going to do something productive?  Even if its simply 10 minutes – that means you can give it your all.  You don’t even need equipment!!!


Record your things to watch – and only watch them.

Many do this already, with sky plus etc.  The main problems happen when you have nothing to watch… you rumage around for whatever is on and waste 45 minutes channel-hopping.

Try and have a day where you don’t watch TV at all

This, I would advise being a weekday – because I know everyone is going to be watching X factor all weekend!

Simply ‘forcing’ to have a day off will mean you now have a bit of extra time to do other things.  If thats not an enjoyable hobby – then use it to prepare a batch of healthy food, so you’re not stressed later on in the week.

Replace it

This is similar to the last point – but I ve got to stress that its important to replace the TV with something useful.  If you don’t  – you will just revert to switching it back on and watching another repeat of  ‘Friends’!!!


Bear in mind this post MIGHT NOT EVEN APPLY TO YOU!  So, don’t worry if you really don’t watch a lot of the box.  If you’re struggling to lose fat, the obvious things are food and exercise…….but just looking at some of your external activities might reveal something for you to tweak.  Sometimes, just moving around more outside of your training can give extra success.

Oh aswell, check this out…………..  Early to Bed and Early to Rise: Study Suggests It’s Keeping Kids Leaner.

Maybe Kid should not be watching TV late at night and hitting the sack earlier!   My nana always told me ” Every hour before midnight is worth 2 after”. 

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