Hull Fair Around The Corner

So Hull Fair is starting up this coming weekend.  You going?   Im not sure I will get time as I’ve been really busy personal training clients,  left right and centre these past few weeks. 

If you’re wanting to come to bootcamp, you’d better hurry – as Monday nights are full at the moment and Wednesday and Saturday are not far behind.

Anyway, today I just wanted to write a little about how much sugar you might be consuming while at Hull fair – Brandy snap, candy floss, cinder toffee –  and how its quite detrimental to your fat loss goals.


1.  In my opinion, sugar is probably worse that saturated fat.  You might not know,  but Diabetes is on the increase BIG TIME and this is linked to our nations love for sweets and in particular fizzy drinks….


Oh, and why do I think sugar is worse than saturated fat?  Because our intake has of saturated fat has been on the decline for around 20 years…..and we are getting fatter.

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2.   Just because you don’t have Diabetes, it doesnt mean you have developed problems through excessive sugar consumption.  Belly fat, and fat around the middle could be a sign.

3.  If you’re going to eat sugar, for one, try and cut down.  Two……..make sure you are participating regularly in some high intensity exercise!  If you’re just starting out with an exercise program – start more slowly but still aim to progress!







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