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Charity Dinner In Willerby, Fireworks at Hessle


My friend who is a top plumber introduced me to his wife, Kath…………..when she was raising funds for Help For Heroes last year.


Anyway, Kath is running another Charity Event called ‘ Help 4 Healing’.  Below are the details:


For more information please contact Kath or Maureen on 01482 474646

or Barry on 07947 586686


Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m at one of my best mates wedding.  I have donated some Bootcamp sessions though – hopefully someone will see value in them and raise some funds!


If a 3 course dinner, comedy and music isn’t what you fancy on Bonfire night………and instead, you fancy wrapping up warm outside with some loud and bright fireworks on show ………….then get yourself down to Hessle Rugby Club where there is a display on. The bar will be open, and there’s sure to be many down. ( £2 Admission)

So if you have your Bonfire night free, then here are 2 opportunities…….you might want to check one out 😉


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“This Helps The Medicine Go Down”


Just a quick one today as I’ve been super busy lately – I have been either creating programs for clients, coaching the actual sessions, or coaching one of my Maximum Metabolism bootcamps.  It appears some Bootcampers have a new ‘most hated exercise!’


I managed to squeeze in a trip to Anfield on Saturday – sickening not to get 3 points after hitting the woodwork 3 times. GUTTED!

Anyway, Sundays result brough the smile back to my face! This pic says it all……


Today I just wanted to highlight a post I did around this time last year……….just before one of the massive sugar holidays of the year….HALLOWEEN!


Yes, you can checkout my blog post from last year by CLICKING HERE. You ll find a visual of how much sugar is in a milkshake, some of your favourite chocolate bars and some beverages you might often consume.  

I just wanted to tack on the end some other interesting things you might want to consider when trick or treating this week weekend or next Monday

1. Obesity is linked heavily to sugar consumption.

 Although the number of bags of sugar is going down………..we’re actually eating more!  Fizzy drinks, crappy food  -you know what it is.  Check this out from way back,3604,682864,00.html 

2. I mentioned here in my popular Calorie Conundrum Article, that while calories are going down, and activity levels on the rise – we as a nation are still getting fatter!

3. Top Holistic practitioner Paul Chek states that your chances of the following skyrocket with increased sugar:

Kidney Disease

Liver Disease

Coronary Heart Disease

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Yeast overgrowth

and many more!!

All in all, while it’s not the end of the world to have the odd sweet………..don’t let yourself (and your body) get ‘tricked’ by the sugar highs!!!

Have a good week….


PS There’s some pretty cool pics of me dressed up for Halloween in last years blog post.  Took a while to get coloured up!

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Toning Shoes


I can’t keep this a secret any more.  Im literally peeing my pants.

Have you not heard?  There are some shoes that can ACTUALLY burn fat from your bum, your thighs and calves!!!!  This is like THE BEST THING EVER!

 Why didn’t I think of this?

See for yourself – this hot model reveals all.  Even the camera guy cant believe how her arse got so damn toned!!!!!  (Click the pic to watch this 30sec clip)


But wait…….



Time to wake up…….

On September 28, it was announced that Reebok settled a $25 million claim with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding their EasyTone and RunTone shoes. 

You can read all about it right here:   (Click to read the full story)

 These shoes came out a while ago……… and were designed to be slightly unstable. The designers claim this instability makes the wearer work harder and therefore they are able to strengthen muscles that are used for stability and provide extra “tone.” According to the FTC, these claims are unsupported and cannot be proven.

I was shocked!

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t THAT shocked.

Also,  Skechers has also acknowledged that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and FTC are investigating advertisements on their line of Shape-ups shoe. Skechers tried to prove that the Shape-up shoe allowed a wearer to burn 2 calories per minute more than a traditional running shoe. However, it is thought that the real reason is not because they are unstable……..they help the wearer burn more calories simply because they weigh more! That’s right, if you wear heavier shoes while you run and workout, you have to work harder. Work harder, burn more calories.

Is this not what we already know?  Work harder, burn more calories.

Andy lifting some weights – and they have been heavier recently!

Its such a shame many fall for this gimmicky stuff, and todays society, in particular the youth of today( ….. with me not trying to sound like an old man myself!)  want everything YESTERDAY, with as little effort put in as possible

You get out what you put in, multiplied.

 This comes back to you in the long term 10-fold, and is much better than relying on quick-fix crap.  It’s hard because you see so many ‘celebrities’ who are famous for the sake of being famous and don’t have that much talent – if any at  all.


‘Nuff said.

We live in world where people will attempt to ‘brainwash’ you with certain ideas.   Sometimes, its just a case of stepping back and seeing if you believe them. I do know one thing:

If it’s worth having… will definitely take some sort of sacrifice and hard work

In looking better, this us usually some foods, some exercise, and a positive way of thinking.

  Maybe Reebok will need to ‘tone down’ their advertising budget soon……ha!

Have a great week,


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Something That Could be Killing your Fat Loss


Here’s a quick post that highlights something that could be seriously sabotaging your fat loss / weight loss efforts.


Yes I know.  It’s a simple one.  You might hardly watch TV.  Or……you might be watching it a bit more than you realise……………….

Click this article – – – >

It states that most britons watch 4 hours of TV a day!!!



Bearing in mind that we’re awake, say, 12-16 hours and many people work 8 hours (9-10 hours with travelling)…………It’s quite an alarming statistic. (Il point out here that you could argue some stats are based on TV usage, and could be just ‘on’ in the background). Either way, Im sure most if us could all do to watch a little less… top Blogger and Author Seth Godin    writes here:

“The thing is, watching TV has its benefits. It excuses you from the responsibility of having an informed opinion about things that matter. It gives you shallow opinions or false ‘facts’ that you can easily parrot to others that watch what you watch. It rarely unsettles our carefully self-induced calm and isolation from the world.”


Check Seth’s full post (and rant!) about TV be CLICKING HERE)

You can see what he means, as X factor again sweeps the nation (I wrote about recently)……but this time Simon Cowell isnt making people’s decisions for them.

Anyway, Here are some tips to try:

Get your Training on!
I often say that the hardest part of the day is trying to get up once you have sat down after a long day at work.. Maybe this is the right time to be going to do something productive?  Even if its simply 10 minutes – that means you can give it your all.  You don’t even need equipment!!!


Record your things to watch – and only watch them.

Many do this already, with sky plus etc.  The main problems happen when you have nothing to watch… you rumage around for whatever is on and waste 45 minutes channel-hopping.

Try and have a day where you don’t watch TV at all

This, I would advise being a weekday – because I know everyone is going to be watching X factor all weekend!

Simply ‘forcing’ to have a day off will mean you now have a bit of extra time to do other things.  If thats not an enjoyable hobby – then use it to prepare a batch of healthy food, so you’re not stressed later on in the week.

Replace it

This is similar to the last point – but I ve got to stress that its important to replace the TV with something useful.  If you don’t  – you will just revert to switching it back on and watching another repeat of  ‘Friends’!!!


Bear in mind this post MIGHT NOT EVEN APPLY TO YOU!  So, don’t worry if you really don’t watch a lot of the box.  If you’re struggling to lose fat, the obvious things are food and exercise…….but just looking at some of your external activities might reveal something for you to tweak.  Sometimes, just moving around more outside of your training can give extra success.

Oh aswell, check this out…………..  Early to Bed and Early to Rise: Study Suggests It’s Keeping Kids Leaner.

Maybe Kid should not be watching TV late at night and hitting the sack earlier!   My nana always told me ” Every hour before midnight is worth 2 after”. 

Until next time!


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Hull Fair Around The Corner

So Hull Fair is starting up this coming weekend.  You going?   Im not sure I will get time as I’ve been really busy personal training clients,  left right and centre these past few weeks. 

If you’re wanting to come to bootcamp, you’d better hurry – as Monday nights are full at the moment and Wednesday and Saturday are not far behind.

Anyway, today I just wanted to write a little about how much sugar you might be consuming while at Hull fair – Brandy snap, candy floss, cinder toffee –  and how its quite detrimental to your fat loss goals.


1.  In my opinion, sugar is probably worse that saturated fat.  You might not know,  but Diabetes is on the increase BIG TIME and this is linked to our nations love for sweets and in particular fizzy drinks….


Oh, and why do I think sugar is worse than saturated fat?  Because our intake has of saturated fat has been on the decline for around 20 years…..and we are getting fatter.

Click here to see


2.   Just because you don’t have Diabetes, it doesnt mean you have developed problems through excessive sugar consumption.  Belly fat, and fat around the middle could be a sign.

3.  If you’re going to eat sugar, for one, try and cut down.  Two……..make sure you are participating regularly in some high intensity exercise!  If you’re just starting out with an exercise program – start more slowly but still aim to progress!


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